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New Patterns ready for market!

I’m so excited to have my patterns ready to go to market!  I’m also excited to be able to debut them here on my blog for all you quilters to finally see what I’ve been working so hard on.

So, for the next eight days I will be showing you one a day.  I also have two patterns that I’ve updated samples and instructions for that will be following my new patterns.

Without further ado…

In Season for Birthdays

A quick little project that would be great to make for a friend or family member for their birthday, don’t you think?

I now have a dozen patterns in my “In Season” series.  I love these fabrics, so Susan.  For those of you that don’t know me personally, THESE are “my” colors.  Muddy, muted and of course green, black with a bit of pink or red…

The quilts are all 18″ x 22″ with a bit of fusible applique and a bit of hand stitching with no. 8 perle cotton.  I like to use Sulky’s 12 wt. cotton thread for my applique stitching.  It’s thickness really makes my applique POP!  I always use the buttonhole stitch for these.

Look for this and all of my patterns at your local quilt shop, but if you can’t find them there, check out my website.

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My Life, New ideas, New quilt pattern, Quilt Market

New Pattern, Santa’s Pockets #178

Besides my “In Season” series that I’ve been showing you as they’re completed, I have nine new patterns that premiered at Salt Lake City’s Spring International Quilt Market 2011.  I love them all, but my favorite is this gem:

 As you can see it’s called “Santa’s Pockets” and it’s an advent calendar/Christmas countdown.  You can purchase yours here. When my kids and nieces & nephew (9 total) were small I made them each an advent calendar with 24 pockets.  I started with a pattern that I purchased and added my own pockets to accommodate a Hershey’s Kiss.  The day after Thanksgiving those advent calendars still come out and during my black Friday shopping I buy the bags of Christmas Hershey’s Kisses.  Since they were quite small when I made them, that was quite a special treat to eat chocolate BEFORE breakfast each morning.  It was a treat for me too as a stay-at-home-mom because it occupied their attention several times throughout the day for almost a month!  Waiting for Christmas as a youngster is a hard thing to do without driving mom crazy!  Even though they are all three teenagers now, they still fill the pockets & eat the Kisses each morning.

With that said, I’ve been wanting to create “The” Christmas countdown/advent calendar complete with numbers so we could keep track of how many days are left until Christmas.  I think I did it.  What do you think???

I had a real lightbulb moment last winter when I finally figured out how I was going to make the numbers on the pockets.  I discovered I could trace the numbers that I created in just the right scale for the pockets that would accommodate gift cards, Hershey’s Kisses or notes.  After tracing, I stitched them on my old Bernina sewing machine with Sulky 12 wt. thread.  That’s right and you can too.  No embroidery machine required. Another day I will show you just how I did that.

I’m thinking when our local shops get their “Countdown to Christmas” yardage I’m going to have to buy enough to make each of my kids one, this one’s mine!!!

Until next time,