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Spring Quilt Market 2017 Recap

It’s been a busy year here so far in the land of Suzn Quilts.

I have a dozen new patterns that we introduced at

Spring International Quilt Market.

It was practically in our backyard at the St. Louis convention center.

It was nice not having travel across the country to get to the show,

but oddly enough it didn’t really feel like I was at market since it was so close.

The best part (besides being with my daughter, Chloe, & my market friends)

was not having to worry about fitting everything into 4 suitcases

that weigh no more than 50 lbs. each+ 2 carry-ons.

The down side of that was more work for us since I decided we could have a bigger booth since we didn’t have to travel!

That also meant more “fluff” to bring to display with!

But, I loved the way that our booth turned out.

Between market shoppers we were able to visit with our market friends that are scattered around the country.

Diane & her sister, Linda of Puffin & Company.

They have lovely quilting and sewing tools to help those who enjoy hand work.

Celine & Molly of Perkins Dry Goods.

Celine has more beautiful patterns for those that love patchwork.

Susan of The Quilt Branch (Karen her helper had to leave early to attend a graduation).

Susan has lots of cute new designs to use that Creative Grids “House” ruler that you already have!

& we have lots of new patterns to show you!

So, stay tuned &

Just Keep Sewing…




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More about Kansas City Spring Market

As promised, a bit more about Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City.

International Quilt Market is held at the convention center, downtown.

This is a neat convention center, because you can drive right under it.  You enter on level 2, so the main convention center is on level 3… it was a bit confusing in the beginning.

I vended my very first market here in 2005.  What’s really amazing is how much more I know now than I knew then.  Getting early to the dock to unload.  Asking the dock parking team the best (and cheapest) place to park once the show starts…Where the nearest Starbuck’s is for some people…  The nearest Subway sandwich shop for others…

My friends and neighbors:

Robin in her Nestlings by Robin booth,

The Quilt Branch ladies, Mary Jane & Susan

Celine & her daughter, Molly from Perkins Dry Goods,

& lastly my daughter, Chloe & me in our booth.

Lots of standing and handing!  It makes for a very long day when you stand in basically the same place from 9:30a.m. until 6p.m. for three solid days (4p.m. on Sunday).

Then when it was all over we had to kick it into high gear and pack it all up and haul it all out to make it to Mass at the Cathedral, luckily just a block away.

And yes, this is my photo!!!

What a beautiful cathedral, and the music was wonderful.  The organist must have been a professional, no kidding, it sounded on the level of Phantom of the Opera, wow.  The soloist too seemed like a professional. Chloe and I were very glad it was air conditioned and not too crowded.  It was very hot that afternoon and we were sweaty by the time we made multiple trips to the van with all of our booth “stuff!”

Our hotel was across hwy. 70 from the KC Royal stadium.  Nope, we didn’t go see a game, but one night we had the pleasure of watching fireworks from our window.

Not sure what they were celebrating, they lost…but the fireworks were nice!

The real cool thing about staying near the stadiums was this car,

pretty cool, huh?

All in all a very good market.  It’s a whole lot of work, preempted by a whole lot of work, then it seems like a flash and we’re on our way home!

My new patterns are now on my website, so check them out.

Until next time,