Finishing up a quilt project, My Life

Bring on the movie!

Well, when I got up this morning I didn’t head first to the dishwasher or computer.

Nope, instead I decided to choose quilting thread and bobbin thread and start sewing in the sunshine!

With Rosemary’s Club tomorrow I decided this was the day.

This is the Thimbleberries lap quilt that I started way back here, before life got in the way…

Isn’t the sun shining in your quilt room the most beautiful sight?

These are the days I yearn for so often come January, February,…

Not that we’ve not had enough sun shiny days this summer, we have.

Just look at that brown grass in the distance!

It’s just that I’ve not had the opportunity time-wise, mental-wise or otherwise to sew.

Since this is going to be a gift and not a pattern sample, I decided to “age” it a bit by putting it in the washer and dryer.

While it was aging, I cut & pieced the binding.

As soon as it comes out of the dryer, it will be trimmed and the binding sewn on, then look out, I need a movie to watch!

Oh, well, that’s after we make a run to the plumbing store for a replacement handle for an outside faucet, and while we’re out I will probably think of a few other tasks that we need to stop for, BUT THEN!!!

I’m thinking Legally Blonde.  We’ve not watched that in a while.

Of course dinner will need to be made and then there’s the budget meeting for quilt guild tonight.

But this quilt will be done by 8:30 a.m. tomorrow if I have to stay up all night!!!

Until next time,


Family Time, My Life, new fabric collection


Absence does not mean lack of doing, but in this absence I’ve not even been thinking about quilting, much less doing it.

I did finish this top before T-berry Club (a.k.a. Rosemary’s Club) ummm June meeting, but still it sits all basted and collecting dust more than a month later.

I can’t believe I got these more than a month ago,

a new Moda collection, Odds & Ends by Julie Comstock.  Lovely colors & cute designs.  Yes, it’s still in its shrink-wrap.  I’m not allowing myself to remove it until I’m ready to sew.

I received these Christmas fabrics from Northcott and made a cute sample for a magazine.

It was made in such haste I barely remember what it looked like!

More on that to come.

We traveled 2,600 miles to take in Myrtle Beach,


& Gatlinburg last week,

and not a single yard of quilt fabric was seen!

I was however wowed by these on Fort Sumter at Charleston, SC.

This is the Palmetto Guard Flag (what’s left of it).  It’s under glass and I did not get a good photo. You can get close enough to see the little applique stitches, cool!

And this is another flag there.

It’s Fort Sumter’s battle flag, it’s 10 feet by 20 feet!   This flag was flying during the bombardment on April 12-13, 1861.

It was impossible to stand back and photograph it without the spindles and rail in the photo.  It actually sits lower than the floor where we walked because it’s so large.

Unfortunately we only had the day to see Charleston, minus the 2+hr. drive each way so we didn’t see nearly enough there. I would have loved to check out the quilt shop(s) there.  I’d bet they have an excellent Civil War section…  Perhaps next time?

I was particularly impressed with all the old architecture there.  We took a city tour that took us by many centuries old homes and city buildings that were very impressive to say the least.  Did you know part of “The Notebook” was filmed there?  Our tour guide was wonderful, but we decided she might be a bit forgetful when she asked us for the 3rd time if we’d seen the movie!  It’s now a family joke…  I think vacations are good for that!

We took in no less than 4 Tanger Outlet malls. I got a new Fossil purse. It’s purple!

We do love to shop, me & the kids and David is good at finding something to do while we shop.

Have no fear, my sewing machine is still working.  When we got home I had to take in a sling top for Clare to make it fit “just right” and then I had to put a few stitches in a side seam of Chloe’s maxi dress that was made in West Pango Pango, or mostly made…  At least they were both made with black thread!

We’re back home now and today, after a trip to the orthodontist, Clare and I took in Sweet Annie’s sale.

That’s a local shop in Troy, IL.

Then we did a bit of regular ‘ole shopping and got these needed notions.

Where does the time go?

Clare will start high school 3 weeks from today and Chloe and Blake will be back to college the following week.

Aside from the many 100+ degree days, this summer seems to have not even existed.  I guess I’m getting old, time is just passing by too quickly.

I hope you’re getting some quilting in during this extremely hot summer.

My hat goes off to all those caring for family & friends, the sick and the aging.

Don’t forget to add a bit of sewing in every chance you get!

Until next time,