Mystery Quilt-Along

The 12 Days of Christmas Tiny Mystery, Day 11

Welcome to

the 12 Days of Christmas

Tiny Mystery quilt, Day 11.

Thanks for sharing those

adorable tiny blocks!

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We’ll make 4 Tiny 9-Patch blocks today.

You can cut strips to make them quickly,


I want mine all different so I’m cutting squares instead.

For each 9-Patch Cut:

  • 5 red squares 1 1/2″ (20 total)
  • 4 cream squares 1 1/2″ (16 total)

I organized them, then chain pieced them.

I didn’t cut them apart or press them yet.

I opened each pair of sewn squares

to arrange the 3rd square nice & straight

before sewing it.

Yay for my knee lift that acts as a third hand!

I don’t press 9-Patch blocks until they’re complete.

Please don’t turn me in to the quilt police!

I find the seams “nest” better if I don’t press them.

I pinned each seam with the seam allowances toward the red fabric.

If you finger press the seams in opposite directions

the seams will nest &

make it almost impossible to not match at the corners!

I cut the 2 chain piecing connecting threads on each seam,

then pressed the seams flat as sewn with the iron.

Next, I opened & finger pressed, then I ironed them.

I didn’t cut the stitches in each seam,

I just showed it who’s the boss &

worked them free as I manipulated

the seam allowances nice & flat!

Then the iron quickly reminds me who’s

really the boss

when my fingers get a bit too close…

It’s a love/hate relationship! Lol

Actually I burn myself so frequently

that I don’t even pay attention anymore.

These are the last blocks.

Tomorrow is assembly day!

Don’t forget to post pics over at my Sewing With Susan Facebook group!

See you tomorrow.

Just Keep Sewing…