New Pattern Sample, Quilt-as-you-go

New Patterns-Spring 2015-Little Frosties

So, new pattern #4…

Remember me showing you bits of these in a tutorial a couple months back?




Surprise, no Dresdens!!!


Instead, more of my Quilt-as-you-go technique!

Much cuter with faces, buttons & scarves don’t you think?

The pattern includes instructions for 4 quilts;

2 for your wall or door,

plus two for your tables.

These are quick & easy enough you’ll certainly make more than one!

Warm & Natural Cotton Batting & walking foot a must.

The pattern is now on my website if it’s not in your favorite quilt shop.

Pull together some cute fabrics, a bit of fusible web & start sewing.

Just keep sewing,


Hot Tips

Hot Tip Tuesday #23, Piecing Cotton Batting

I use Warm & Natural cotton batting exclusively.  As discussed here previously I have my own technique for making my quilt-as-you-go lap quilts.  By using Warm & Natural cotton batting I have no puckers because the cotton batting sticks to the fabrics like Velcro!  I love this “Velcro” property and therefore have been using their batting for as long as I can remember.  I have a big roll that I cut off of and since I use it for all sizes of projects I have scraps too. 


They go into table runners, and pillows and I also use them in stitchery projects as previously discussed too.

Today as I was working on yet another new project for Spring Quilt Market, I needed to piece a smidge onto my batting because my project grew a bit after I started.  Not to worry though, my backing was big enough.  My batting was just a bit short.  So, I searched out a strip of batting and squared it up along with the end of the batting inside my quilt-to-be. 

Here’s a tutorial to show you how:

Square up both pieces that you want to join.

 and just zigzag stitched them together. I use the widest and longest stitch settings.


One piece of cotton batting! (I use cream color thread normally, but I wanted you to be able to see it here.)  

I just finished my quilt by the way…  Can’t wait to get it into pattern form so I can show all of you!

Until next time,