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Hot Tip-Selvage Signatures in full force!

I’ve been doing some re-stocking in the fabric department here at Suzn Quilts.  I used some fabric in my new pattern samples and I’ve been running a bit low.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, so…

I fell in love with some of the new Wild Rose Collection by Blackbird Designs last week.  Then Monday I fell in love with some Christmas photos that were full of nothing but reds & creams, so…

yesterday I stocked up on some much needed Glorious Reds, and a bit more of my new favorite Christmas background.  I can really get caught up in great backgrounds. To me thery’re kind of like a painter’s canvas.  They set the tone of your whole quilt. 

After I got home and checked messages from all my technical sources and got an order ready for shipping, I sat right down with my Sharpie and gave each piece of fabric their “selvage signature”.  Don’t want Mr. Murphy (Murphy’s law, you know it’s going to happen) dancing a jig when I run out of one of these and need a bit more.  This little exercise also gives me an excuse to refold and stack my new pretties.  I’m pretty sure the only reason I quilt is to use up some of the beautiful fabrics before the stacks fall over and smother my family members!

Until next time,