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Hot Tip Tuesday #1, Selvage Signatures

Does anyone out there besides me like great tips?  I have all kinds of quilting tips in my sewing room and in my little noggin. So, I’ve decided to start “Hot Tip Tuesday” and share them with you.

Since I know there are a lot more very good tips out there, I’m also going to open it up to you, my blog readers, to email me your tips If I use your tip I’ll send you a free pattern!

Tip #1, I don’t know if any of you have this problem, but I buy quilting fabric here, there, and everywhere and perhaps while it’s aging, I forget where I bought it. Then, when I do finally put it into a project I find that I bought a tad too little and want to buy more.  In my experience, it’s easiest to call the shop that at least at one point in time had the fabric.  Now, every time I buy new fabric, I write with a Sharpie on the selvage where I bought it and when.  I bought these two fabrics in Tennessee while on vacation with my family last summer. Yellow fabric is from Susan’s Mountain Stitches & the black is from The Cherry Pit.

This tip comes to you with a warning, it’s not dummy proof!  A year or so ago, I used a fabric that I’d labeled “EBT   ’08”.  Well, I had enough fabric, but a friend wanted some after she saw my project.  Do you know I could not, for the life of me, remember what my stupid note “EBT   ’08” meant?  It was months later that it dawned on me that I had bought it at Eleanor Burns’ tent sale in Paducah during the quilt show in ’08!!!  So, to expand on this tip, be sure to write yourself a note that you will understand more than a week after the purchase!

Until next time,