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Hot Tip Tuesday #8, Artificial Memory

Ok, this is not a quilting tip BUT I’m a quilter and it’s a tip that has helped me from year to year to get my Christmas decorations in order.  With the help of family & friends, my Christmas decoration stash is really robust.  Over the years I’ve adjusted how I decorate for Christmas based on my favorite decorations and the energy levels of me and my helper(s) at the time.  This digital era that we live in has helped me “remember” or perhaps helped me with what I can’t seem to remember!

Several years ago I decided to photograph some of my Christmas favorites and how I displayed them.  This was actually before my digital cameras.  I had the photos printed and put them in various boxes with their decorations so I could recreate an idea that I could barely bring myself to disassemble the year before.

So getting to my tip, I suggest taking photos of these settings or vignettes of sort and store printed copies until next year.  Today I took some photos to show you some of my favorites.

This is the top of our refrigerator.  It’s one of two collections that prompted me to start these photos.  I made the lighted buckets several years ago for one of my Christmas open house events.  Fortunately for me I made enough that I had leftovers!

 This is a shelf full of Christmas also in our kitchen.  This menagerie is full of handmade goodies from Heidi, Ruthann and myself, plus little things I’ve picked up here and there that I absolutely love!

This is atop the pie safe of sorts that my father-in-law made for me several years ago.  The folk art building trio is a newly acquired Christmas gift from my good friend Kathy.  They will stick around after the Christmas decorations are put away, I just couldn’t help but tuck it into this selection of red and green delight.

And last but not least, I couldn’t resist putting a bit of Christmas cheer on this guy (much to my husband’s chagrin).  He has no name, but he hangs proudly in our livingroom. For those of you who’ve never met my husband David, he enjoys hunting almost as much as I enjoy quilting!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my artificial memory.  As one of my college professor’s signs so accurately stated, “Artificial intelligence is better than none at all!”  Funny how I can’t remember what I had for breakfast most mornings (not this one though it was iced sugar cookies at my MIL’s house) but I remember this clever quote from 25 years ago!

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