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Hot Tip Tuesday #10, Chaco Liner Marking Tool

Call me lazy.  Call me gotta do it fast.  Call me whatever you want, but if I can do something quick, I can get more done.  That’s exactly why I like the Chako Liners.  Do you know about them?

There are several styles, but this is the one I use.  It has a VERY tiny wheel at the top that allows a powdered chalk to flow out in a very fine line for marking.  Did your mom ever use a tracing wheel?  Mine did and this is what my Chako Liner reminds me of except instead of using a piece of colored paper to make the mark with, it drops fine chalk dust!

Although I would probably not mark a whole quilt with this, it’s great for small projects.  You can mark straight lines quickly using a ruler. 

It’s great for cross hatching.  I used this on my “Best Friends” samples.

If you look closely at “Mother” on the hanging quilt you’ll see cross hatch quilting.  I marked that with the Chako Liner.  Also “Sister” on the framed piece has cross hatching.  That too was marked this way.  They are both small areas, so it’s a quick way to mark, plus the lines literally brush away when you’re finished with them. 

They’re made by Clover, they come in several colors and you can buy refills.

Next time you have a small area that needs some straight line quilting, think of the Chako Liner and how much time you’ll save.

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