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Hot Tip Tuesday #12, Beat the winter blues with a Quilter’s Retreat

It’s that time of year when winter really sets in.  The days are short and I can’t turn on enough lights to brighten my sewing room.  It’s so cold outside that I don’t want to go out.  We’ve already had enough snow days that the kids no longer have to make any more of them up.

There is a cure and it’s spelled   Q – U – I – L – T    R – E – T – R – E – A – T!!! 

We’re fortunate enough that a local quilt shop, Rosemary’s, housed in an older home with living quarters upstairs, is available for retreats.  The last several years, Kathy & I have planned a January retreat. Rosemary will teach classes if you want, but our group goes to work on our own projects.

Secure a date, round-up some friends…and SEW, SEW, SEW!!!

This year Robin was able to join us from North Carolina, along with Kathy & Susan.

Beth completed a top she worked on during our last retreat, Chris is helping show it off.

Loraine, gets more done than anyone, and always with a smile.

I finished two samples of my new “In Season for Patriotism” pattern.  (Coming soon to a quilt shop near you, as soon as I get the instructions written, tested and quilt photographed.)

I also made a bunch of mini Dresden plate blocks.  I LOVE these.  They’re so much fun to assemble!  I have 24 made now. I’ll keep you posted as to their progress.

We had a lot of fun.  The biggest decisions were where to eat.  Mexican, Italian, Chinese, American, they’re all there in the small town and most of them within walking distance.  Since it was so cold, we didn’t waste too much time doing that! 

Perhaps you could organize a retreat for you and your sewing friends.

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