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How I get so much quilting done…

I finally realized today how I’m able to get so much quilting done. I’m sure you’re all thinking rotary cutter, but no!   It hit me like a lightning bolt as I was starting dinner at 2 p.m. as opposed to 3:30 p.m. for our 4:30 p.m. dinner time.  It’s all due to this wonderful man,

Do you know him?  You should, because we all are very blessed with his invention of the micorwave oven!  I know I use ours a lot, but you just take it for granted until it’s gone.  Ask me how I know…

Ours was working just fine, then one day the week after Christmas, the kitchen receptacle breaker started blowing. It did this perhaps 3-4 times since that time. So, last week with out of town company visiting, we went to the hardware store to pick up a new breaker. Sure I chose the $5.00 fix, who wants to think otherwise?

Well, yesterday morning the breaker blew several times while my DH was home.  The second time it went off, he installed the new breaker.  Then this morning our youngest daughter warmed her coffee cake and the microwave went off.  Unfortunately the breaker hadn’t blown.  Ugh, it’s not the $5.00 fix after all.  It’s the microwave!  Have any of you heard about the winter weather we’re having her in the midwest?  Well, I can do without milk and I can do without bread, (we won’t) but I cannot do without my microwave! 

So lickity split, out the door I went this morning to our local mom & pop appliance store to fetch a new one. 

Here it sits in all its glory, awaiting Mr. Tinker to slide it into its new home.  Want to know the best part, aside from the fact that my husband is handy enough to put it into our kitchen tonight?  The existing microwave was bought in 1996 for $388.00, and today’s model to replace it was just $200.00!  I’ll be pleased if it lasts just half as long as the original.

So this is why I started thawing hamburger on the stove at 2 p.m. today.  It’s a very slow process without a microwave.  Thank you Mr. Spencer, I’ll never take my microwave for granted again!

Until next time,


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