A Giveaway!

50th Post giveaway!

Having been away for a few days (more on that in a later post) and then coming home to host a bridal shower for my niece over the weekend, I’m finally getting myself back to work as scheduled…

I’m happy to report that since I had just three comments, instead of choosing, all three of you will receive a free pattern of choice!  However, Debbie (actually both of you Debbies!!!) need to choose which of my “Bit of the Seasons” patterns you’d like to have. 

Both Debbies chose my “bit of the Seasons” patterns:

They are actually four patterns that make individual quilts, but if you combine all four patterns, you can make one large quilt.

 And Debbie Watters, I’ll be needing your address please.

Heidi chose my Crooked 9-Patch pattern,

I originally designed this pattern with kids in mind. It’s so easy because there are no seams to match and no matter how large or small or crooked they turn out (and they will because of the slicing) you square them all up to the smallest block’s dimensions.

I hope you all enjoy your patterns.

Until next time,