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Winners of 100 Blocks Vol. 10 & Christmas Patterns

I’m always both amazed & yet humbled reading all the wonderful comments

that you, my readers, leave.

I’m so thankful to be doing what I do each day;

taking care of my family,

& using my creativity to run my business.

I take so much for granted until once again I’m reminded that what I have is a gift.

This past weekend at Mass our bible readings were about using and not squandering our gifts.

Then Wednesday (I teach 3rd grade religion class) our theme was the same.

Yes, I know what I have are gifts,

but because what I do comes so naturally

sometimes I need reminding.

So, for this I thank you (& our priest)!

But no, I’m still not going to join the choir so quit asking! LOL!

I’m certain Fr. Tom does not read this blog…

It’s not surprising to find that most of you, when asked to comment,

mentioned my best-selling patterns,

“A Pretty Package” (lap quilt)


& its new counterpart “A Pretty Table” (table runner & place mats).


After that “Mittens on the Line” was most popular

Mittens on the Line #182 for blog watermarkand then the rest of the comments were pretty evenly dispersed over the rest of my Christmas patterns.

I love to sew for Christmas, can you tell?

 So, winners…

the winner who will be getting a free copy of

100 Blocks Volume 10



1. LeAnn Says:

I like your stocking pattern the best.

& the three winners who will each receive their

favorite Christmas pattern from my website are:

2. Joanne Harris Says:

I like your tiny Dresden’s. Your blocks are lovely.

3. Christie Spanutius Says:

My favorite pattern is “A Pretty Package” all of your patterns are very beautiful. I would love any one of them. The table runner idea is great!

4. Bridget Says:

I like Peppermint Pizzazz

Please email your mailing address to me at

& I’ll send out your prizes.

Thanks again to all of you for participating.

If you didn’t win, but would like a magazine or pattern,

please go to my website & make a purchase.

Until next time,


A Giveaway!

50th Post giveaway!

Having been away for a few days (more on that in a later post) and then coming home to host a bridal shower for my niece over the weekend, I’m finally getting myself back to work as scheduled…

I’m happy to report that since I had just three comments, instead of choosing, all three of you will receive a free pattern of choice!  However, Debbie (actually both of you Debbies!!!) need to choose which of my “Bit of the Seasons” patterns you’d like to have. 

Both Debbies chose my “bit of the Seasons” patterns:

They are actually four patterns that make individual quilts, but if you combine all four patterns, you can make one large quilt.

 And Debbie Watters, I’ll be needing your address please.

Heidi chose my Crooked 9-Patch pattern,

I originally designed this pattern with kids in mind. It’s so easy because there are no seams to match and no matter how large or small or crooked they turn out (and they will because of the slicing) you square them all up to the smallest block’s dimensions.

I hope you all enjoy your patterns.

Until next time,


Hot Tips

Hot Tip Tuesday #1, Selvage Signatures

Does anyone out there besides me like great tips?  I have all kinds of quilting tips in my sewing room and in my little noggin. So, I’ve decided to start “Hot Tip Tuesday” and share them with you.

Since I know there are a lot more very good tips out there, I’m also going to open it up to you, my blog readers, to email me your tips If I use your tip I’ll send you a free pattern!

Tip #1, I don’t know if any of you have this problem, but I buy quilting fabric here, there, and everywhere and perhaps while it’s aging, I forget where I bought it. Then, when I do finally put it into a project I find that I bought a tad too little and want to buy more.  In my experience, it’s easiest to call the shop that at least at one point in time had the fabric.  Now, every time I buy new fabric, I write with a Sharpie on the selvage where I bought it and when.  I bought these two fabrics in Tennessee while on vacation with my family last summer. Yellow fabric is from Susan’s Mountain Stitches & the black is from The Cherry Pit.

This tip comes to you with a warning, it’s not dummy proof!  A year or so ago, I used a fabric that I’d labeled “EBT   ’08”.  Well, I had enough fabric, but a friend wanted some after she saw my project.  Do you know I could not, for the life of me, remember what my stupid note “EBT   ’08” meant?  It was months later that it dawned on me that I had bought it at Eleanor Burns’ tent sale in Paducah during the quilt show in ’08!!!  So, to expand on this tip, be sure to write yourself a note that you will understand more than a week after the purchase!

Until next time,