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More & More Amelia

A box from Moda showed up the end of last week:

 I love these boxes that show up plastered with the Moda packing tape.

Even though I know exactly what’s inside because I ordered it, it’s just like Christmas morning each time!

It’s more Amelia!!!

Thanks Santa Moda, I can’t wait to get started sewing!!!

My sewing room will have to wait though, my #1 helper starts back to school the 16th and I’ve decided to postpone my sewing until then.  The time goes by all too quickly. My sewing machine will just have to wait.

I’ve got my designs pretty well decided (or so I think I do), so my cutting & sewing should go lickity split once I begin.

I hope you’re getting some time with your sewing machine & perhaps a school aged child or two or three too.

Gotta go, #1 helper just took a pan or sugar cookies out of the oven and I like ’em hot!

Until next time,


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