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Fabric, Fabric & More Fabric

It’s ALWAYS fun to get new fabric, right?

It’s especially fun when I already have designs in mind to make with it.

Rest assured there will be Dresden petals involved; Tiny & Mini!

Last week I received two boxes from Moda because I have a lot of sewing to do!

Fall market will be here before I know it.

I’m in the middle of writing pattern instructions so I would not allow myself to do anything but put the boxes in my sewing room and walk around them…

…my little plan devised to keep me on task.


I may have mentioned before that I love fabric???

Once? Twice? Maybe 3 million times?

You thought I loved to quilt, but really I only quilt so that my family does not die in a fabric avalanche around here.

Today I finally opened the boxes and took a peek

because I have nothing better to do I’m taking a break and I don’t want to start back to writing instructions…

 This it LOTS MORE FUN!Suzn+Quilts+Pumpkin+PieThis is Pumpkin Pie

by Laundry Basket quilts for Moda.


They’ll be available in quilts shops this fall.


Look, there’s black & pink & aqua


& pretty floral prints…


I’m looking forward to sewing with these.

The small prints will make great Tiny & Mini Dresden petals.


Notice my “new” letter squares?

I may have mentioned in a post not too long ago that I also have a thing for estate sales…

I found them recently.

They came in this cool old vintage Famous Barr box.

Suzn+Quilts+Letters+Fabous+Barr++boxe The box is extremely sturdy, but…

I was at Goodwill last week and found this treasure.


It’s the perfect size to hold them all.

And it was just a dollar!

It’s the little things…

I know, crazy aren’t I?

Aren’t you glad you don’t have MY brain???

Now that I’ve shown you part of my new fabric I must get back to work.

More to come later, after I’ve done some more real work.

I hope you’re enjoying this hot summer weather like I am.

I’ll take 100 degrees over 0 any day!

Just keep sewing…


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Sulky Thread Love…

I ordered some thread last week because it had been a while and I was running low on several of my favorites.

Just a few days later and here they are!

The spools with orange labels are the 12 wt. threads and the spools with the brown labels are the 30 wt. threads.

I put my favorite at the top.

It’s my most-used, Sulky 12 wt. Black!  It’s what makes my applique “pop!”  I didn’t know my applique didn’t pop until a couple of Sulky reps wandered by my booth one year at market and introduced me to their threads. They knew my applique didn’t “pop”, but they didn’t tell me that, they just said, “Oh you do a lot of applique. Would you like to try our 12 wt. thread?”

Little did I know that thread would totally change the look of my applique!

I took that thread home with me and eventually tested it on my next applique project.

Oh, my goodness!

It’s like taking a big black crayon and outlining my applique shapes.

I guess I’m still a kindergartener at heart!

Notice how I just showed you what I’ve been working on without showing you what I’m working on?

I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned.

Until next time,


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More & More Amelia

A box from Moda showed up the end of last week:

 I love these boxes that show up plastered with the Moda packing tape.

Even though I know exactly what’s inside because I ordered it, it’s just like Christmas morning each time!

It’s more Amelia!!!

Thanks Santa Moda, I can’t wait to get started sewing!!!

My sewing room will have to wait though, my #1 helper starts back to school the 16th and I’ve decided to postpone my sewing until then.  The time goes by all too quickly. My sewing machine will just have to wait.

I’ve got my designs pretty well decided (or so I think I do), so my cutting & sewing should go lickity split once I begin.

I hope you’re getting some time with your sewing machine & perhaps a school aged child or two or three too.

Gotta go, #1 helper just took a pan or sugar cookies out of the oven and I like ’em hot!

Until next time,


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Moda, another word for love!

I’m not much of an on-line or over-the -phone shopper.  I like to go, see, feel and then make my decisions. So, hardly ever does the UPS guy show up with something for me.  No, it’s usually something from a hunting or fishing catalog that I retrieve when Brown shows up, but today the package looked like this:

That Moda tape was a dead giveaway that today the package was for me!  Not only that, it was going to be good!  Last week I requested not-yet-released Christmas fabrics for some new ideas that I’m working on for Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah. Moda and other fabric companies generously send us pattern designers fabric to make samples to show off their new collections.  This way, when shops are walking the show, they can see new ways to use the fabrics and hopefully buy more fabric and my patterns too.  Thanks Moda!!!

 Sweetwater had the perfect collection for a new quilt design that I dreamed up.

“Countdown to Christmas” is due out May, 2011. You can see the whole collection here.

It looks even better in person than it did on-line, and it feels great. That’s one of the reasons that I like to buy in person instead of on-line. I know, sometimes it can’t be helped, just sayin’…

Now I need to stop drooling and get back to what I was doing before I was interrupted by that knock on my door!  May will be here before I’m even ready.

I’ll keep you posted to this newest design as I get to working on it.

Until next time,