new fabric collection

Another Moda lovin’ post…say hello to Cosmo Cricket’s Salt Air

It doesn’t get much better than when the UPS truck drives up my driveway with a package wrapped in Moda/United Notions tape…

This post comes to you when my sewing room is in TOTAL disarray from my urge last week on the last nice day of the year that I decided to FINALLY repaint my fabric “cages.”  It worked out quite nicely because they’ve been drying the whole time I was on a quilt retreat with other quilt pattern designers.  But I digress…

Yes, I knew what was in the box, but it’s just not the same seeing the fabrics on Moda’s website as it is seeing them in person sitting on my counter!!!

Ooh, la, la!!!!!

I knew I’d like these fabrics, but since opening that box, I’ve decided on about a bagillion projects so far!  I also think I’ll need to add a couple of fabrics to make the collection “just right!”

Can’t wait to show you my newly painted fabric cages, but for now it’s off to bake my Thanksgiving Day goodies.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,