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New uses for old rotary cutter and blades

Do you have any rotary cutters that you no longer use because you got a newer and better one?

I do too, and finally decided to make that my paper cutting rotary cutter.  I used to change blades from fabric to paper on the same cutter, then I got smart and started using an older, smaller cutter to cut just paper.

I’ve used that cutter to cut apart lots of paper items.  If you don’t already know it, you can cut paper with a rotary cutter long after the blade is not sharp enough to cut through fabric.  This is why I have a separate cutter just for paper.

Just this morning I made tags to go on my donation for our guild’s Christmas auction.  I first made a sheet of tags and printed them on a piece of card stock, then sliced them apart.  It’s quicker than using scissors and more accurate too because I also use use my mat & rulers.

I’ll be making more of the chocolate pecan pretzel bark for our church’s bazaar this weekend so I made a sheet full of those tags.

Other things we’ve cut are school projects for science fairs, book reports, and I use them to cut apart our sheets of photos each time we order another portrait package from JC Penney!  The blades last a very long time.

More recently I retired my original 45 MM cutter and realized it’s big enough to cut through cardboard!  That’s right, now I have a cardboard cutting rotary cutter too.  School projects are quick to cut now.  I have a 2″ x 36″ ruler than can really make long, accurate cuts.

My rotary cutter has become at least as useful as my hot glue gun of years ago!

Any other uses for that rotary cutter that I’ve not thought of yet?

Until next time,