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Suzn Quilts in The St. Louis Post Dispatch

Ok, so there was no red carpet involved, but yesterday was pretty special to me…

STL Post Headline 2-13

In case you don’t recognize him, that’s my Abraham Lincoln quilt,

gracing the cover page of the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Home & Away section!!!

Last month I was contacted by Diane Raab Wiggins, a writer for The St. Louis Post Dispatch.

She heard through my quilt appraiser, Hallye Bone of St. Louis, MO,

that I had a unique Abraham Lincoln quilt/pattern that would tie in nicely with President’s Day.

Diane wanted to know if she could come by and interview me and have me, my quilt, and our home photographed for the Post’s Home & Away section.

How exciting!

Well, of course my was reaction was “sure!”

It would be an honor to grace their paper with my quilts.

The next week Diane came over and we sat and chatted,

then the photographer, Christian Gooden,, showed up with his camera.

While he moved around our house photographing my quilts,

I learned his mother, now living in Pheonix, is a quilter.

He was pretty sure his mom would be very intersted in this story.

It took a few hours between the interview & the photo shoot.

Over the weekend the article was released.

STL Post article 2-13

I couldn’t be happier with the story, oh except for one thing…

One question I had of Diane as she was interviewing me was “Do you really need to know my age?, why???”

Well, she answered that yes, they always require that.

I then asked her that if she must print my age could she also print that I already had my birthday this year???

That didn’t make it into the article…

If you want to know how old I am, you’ll have to read the article.

Fortunately my photography isn’t good enough for you to read it here.

Here’s to 2013!

Until next time,