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100 Blocks Volume 10 Blog Tour Kick-off!

I’m excited to be part of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks again!


This volume will bring the total to 1,000 blocks!

I’m fortunate that 7 of them are mine…


#140, No ordinary Flake


 #208, Freedom


#313, Olde St. Nick


#411, Spring Love


#548, Baby Blocks


#746, Lost Mittens

And now,


#907, The Night Before.

 This block would make a nice table runner don’t you think?


What if you stitched everyone’s name on a stocking?

You could add as many stockings as you need;

one for each family member.

I’ve got you thinking don’t I?

It’s simple enough you could make it between now & Christmas Eve,

but you better get started now!

To help you out we’re giving away an issue right here,


I’m also going to give away 3 of my Christmas patterns!

Winner #1 will get 100 Blocks vol. 10

& winners #2, 3 & 4

will get to choose their favorite Christmas pattern from my website.

Here are just a few

A Pretty Package #179 for blog watermark

Santas Pockets #178 for blog watermark

Santas gift bags #177 for blog watermark

Clares Christmas Puppy watermark

Peppermint Pizzazz #205CoverWatermark web

Just leave me a comment

at the top of this post

telling me your favorite Christmas pattern from my website.

I’ll choose 4 lucky winners Saturday!

Don’t forget to check out all the other

designers listed on Quiltmaker’s blog.

There will be giveaways all week long

including the original, signed blocks!

Also check out my website for this & past issues.

Until next time,


166 thoughts on “100 Blocks Volume 10 Blog Tour Kick-off!”

  1. I love your tiny dresdens but I would never be able to do anything like that! My other favourite is Christmas Sampler. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Congratulations on another wonderful block design to be included in the latest magazine. All your designs are beautiful, especially love the Christmas ones, and I thank you for the chance to win!

  3. Wow! I love the stockings — and yes, my mind is rather whirling with possibilities now! You’ve really contributed some darling blocks over the last ten years! As for pattern favorites, that was a tough choice. Your “A Pretty Package” and “A Pretty Table” both caught my eye, but I think my favorite was the new “A Joyful Christmas”! :)

  4. Congratulations! Love those stockings – and yes – you did get me thinking – how cool to do everyone’s name on a stocking (at this point I’d need 15 including my kids and grandkids). I love your Pretty Package and matching Pretty Table designs – Thanks for the chances to win :)

  5. Congratulations on having your block in Quiltmaker’s 100 Vol. 10! The stockings would make a great runner and adding names to them is a neat idea! Your patterns are great and my pick is A Pretty Package.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win. Woot! Woot! Four winners, you Rock!


  6. I’d have to pick A Joyful Christmas … but all your designs are wonderful ! Thanks for the chance to win and Congrats on your block !

  7. Congratulations on having another block in the series! I made the No ordinary flake block when that volume came out, the gal who received it loved it! I really like your Frosty pattern, just can’t get enough snowmen! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Your patterns are all very nice. I love “Santa’s Pockets”! Congratulations on being chosen so many times to be in the magazine. I can see why they choose you! Also, thanks for sharing the prizes with us.

  9. Love your stocking and the suggestions you gave for using it in runners with names. I think my favorite on your website is the Snowman.

  10. Wow! 7 blocks?!?! Amazing!
    I love the ordinary flake block the most.
    On your website I love the “A Merry Christmas to you” because I love the combination of hand embroidery and piecing.

  11. I love the Peppermint Pizzazz, it is onderful. I love the idea of putting names on the stockings for the table runner. Congrats on being chosen again for the magazine.

  12. Your snowflake block is wonderful! It was hard to pick between your patterns but I guess I like Santa’s Pockets and Peppermint Pizazz. Thanks for a chance to win.

  13. Adore “Clair’s Christmas Puppy”!! …and here’s A lil’ story for ya……. Twas “The Night Before” Christmas that “Old St. Nick” which is “No Ordinary Flake”, was enjoying his “Freedom”, while dreaming of “Spring Love”. He spelled out “Lost Mittens” in some “Baby Blocks”. Congratulations on having 7 blocks in the book!!! WTG!!! Keep creating!!!

  14. Love the “Frosty the Snowman” pattern. Also the Santa Bags. Your patterns are really lovely. Congratulation on having 7 selected to be included in the 10 issues.

  15. No ordinary Flake gets my vote with the Dresden Plates a close second. You are a prolific pattern designer Susan, and they are all very attractive. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  16. Beautiful blocks and inspirational projects. I definitely think those Christmas Stocking blocks would make a great table runner. I’m also pondering making them into a table mantel cover, as I think that would be cute too!

    You have many wonderful patterns that would be fun to make. Your Seasonal Banners for “Happy Birthday” definitely has caught my attention.


  17. That’s a tough question, so many beautiful quilts. A pretty package and No ordinary flake are my favorite or is it the other around lol. Thanks for the chance.

  18. My favorite pattern is “A Pretty Package” all of your patterns are very beautiful. I would love any one of them. The table runner idea is great!

  19. Your review of your blocks are great, and this year’s is right there too. The peppermint pattern is my favorite. Kathy in Colo

  20. I like your block with the stockings. Off your web page, I love the one with the Gingerbread men on it. Got back to the comment line and forgot the name of it. Drat!

  21. Your Xmas stocking block is a delight; it has great possibilities. On your website, I’m partial to The Pretty Table pattern.
    swalker287 (at) aol (dot) com.

  22. Your blocks are so nice ! I hope I win one of your patterns. My favorite is the #203 Christmas Sampler, but I would be happy to have any one of them !

  23. So many nice patterns. Like the Tiny Dresden pattern. Congratulations on 7 blocks in the magazine. Glad I found your site through the blog hop.

  24. I like the Pretty Package and the idea that it can be used in the Runner and Placemats, but that Pup is pretty cute, too.

  25. So many cute designs :) Congratulations on having so many blocks in the 100 Blocks issues! I have to say that my favorite of your patterns is A Pretty Package… every time I see in on the web, it catches my eye and I say to myself, “I’ve got to make that quilt!”

  26. Cute block! My favorite pattern is Peppermint Pizazz. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on being included again.

  27. I love your pattern “Santa’s Pockets”. And no wonder you were included in the magazine so many times — your work is beautiful.

  28. I like the Merry Christmas to You. Great variety of patterns, especially the Dresden plate designs. And the pattern includes stockings, mittens and stars. Great design.

  29. My favorite patter is the Christmas Sampler. Your blocks in this issue are wonderful and love that they are applique and can envision wool with some of them too.

  30. You are so talented to have 7 blocks over 10 years. My favourite pattern is Peppermint Pizazz. Thank you for a chance to win. Happy Quilting :)

  31. I came to your website a couple of days ago when someone posted their finished “A Pretty Package” quilt to FB. I’m back and would choose this pattern. Thank you.

  32. What pretty work. At the top of your blog post is a brown and pink snowflake block… very sweet. I was never a fan of brown and pink till I participated in a TreadleOn block exchange of chocolate and raspberry fabric colors… brown & pink. Now I find them a very striking combination. Nicely done.

    Of your Christmas patterns I like the charm pack garland for it’s usefulness on several layers… friends can use it on their tree or mantel plus I get fabrics out of my scrap bins. Always a win-win. K

  33. You have some wonderful patterns, but I especially like the Ginger Bliss tree skirt. Thanks for the chance to win. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  34. Love your designs – so great for the holidays!! I really like your Peppermint Pizazz pattern and the Jolly St Nick block!! Thanks for your creativity!!

  35. Congrats on your lucky number #7 :) Love Santa’s Pockets, and who doesn’t love the BOM Merry Christmas to YOu. Great design as the blocks aren’t glaringly evident to you :) They just blend one into the next….

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