Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along

Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along Week #2

Week #

It’s fun to see the progress of participants with your completed Week #1 “Quilts” block!

Thanks for posting & sending me pics.

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This week we will refer to

Sharing My Happy quilt, page 22.

The “parts” are scattered across the quilt:

Since we’ll start making Tiny Dresden plate blocks this week,

you’ll want to read Tiny & Mini Dresden Plate Assembly Techniques,

starting on page 16.

You’ll learn all of my tricks & techniques to make

FLAT & ROUND little Dresden plates;

VERY IMPORTANT traits for Dresden plates of any size!

After I cut 3″ strips of each stripe print,

I cut apart all of the stripe fabrics so I could easily use 1 at a time.

Have I mentioned lately that this collection,

Circulus & Lollies Sweet, is the PERFECT collection for this quilt! Lol…

BTW, I still have kits available on my website.

Now you’ll make:

  • 1 Tiny Dresden Four-Patch block 
  • 1 sawtooth border strip of 6 hst’s plus a 2″ square  
  • 2 sawtooth border strips of 7 hst’s plus a 2″ square

Key point this week is to “Check Your Sewing Accuracy” found on page 20.

Sew 2 Tiny Dresden petals together and lay them on top of the illustration there.

The petal pair should fit perfectly like mine do :)

If yours do not fit perfectly, your plates will not lie flat!

See the notes also found there if your petals don’t lie flat.

Basically, you’re not sewing a scant 1/4″ seam if they don’t fit exactly.

See page 12 for making a precise scant 1/4″ seam with the

Perfect Piecing Seam Guide by Perkins Dry Goods.

It’s my best advice!

Just Keep Sewing…

& showing us your progress on my Dresden Quilt Workshop FB Group.