Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along

Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along Week #18

Week # 18

Please keep posting & sending me pics of your blocks!

If you’re not part of my Facebook group, Dresden Quilt Workshop,

head over there & sign up so you too can share & see all the progress.

Wow, look how few numbers are left outside the bottle this week!

This week we will again refer to

All Roads Lead to Dresden page 80.

We will start my very favorite portion

of the Dresden Quilt Workshop Sampler Quilt.

(Don’t tell anyone, but this is actually where I

started with my Dresden Quilt Workshop Sampler!)

I did start the fabric selection with the “Quilts” block,

but then I started choosing fabrics & actually sewing this portion first.

I absolutely love this big block or portion of the quilt.

It has SO MUCH MOTION, that it’s hard for me to stop looking at it!

If you look closely,

you’ll notice that I used nearly every fabric from the collection is this block!

OK, not really, but yes, really!

Each pair of large flying geese points is a different pink or green fabric.

You have to look close because the green background prints have both the gray and black “warped circles” & the opposite “pink” pairs of points are either the hot pink print or the salmon.

Not the same fabrics as they initially appear.

FUN (for me anyway!)

The smaller flying geese “teal” background print is actually more than one fabric

& the black/gray fabric is really 4 different fabrics.

Necessity is the mother of invention… as they say.

It’s not like I set out to add so many fabrics,

but when I started this quilt I was going to use just 1/2 yard of each stripe print.

There wasn’t enough of 1 pink or 1 green to make all 4 points of the huge flying geese,

so I improvised with what I thought would work well.

As I got further into the quilt I decided I would need to use a whole yard.

This quilt is bigger than it seems and uses a lot of fabrics, yay!

Anyway, I’m so glad that I started out that way.

If I hadn’t, this quilt wouldn’t have nearly as much movement or character.


I think so!

It was really fun to design the initial “All Roads Lead To Dresden” Quilt,

& even more fun to redesign it in the Circulus & Lollies Sweet collection!

BTW, I still have a few

kits available with the Circulus & Lollies Sweet collection on my website.

So, back to this week’s task…

We’ll just be making 4 Tiny Dresden plates

& 1 Mini Dresden plate.

That’s it!

No need to even applique them to their backgrounds until next week.

When I was setting up the schedule for this quilt-along

I knew we’d be busy with the holidays

& didn’t want anyone to get overwhelmed with something that should be fun!


Don’t stress over this too!

I hope you can enjoy a sidebar to your sewing machine

& play with some fabric in between the shopping,

partying & caroling or whatever you do to get into the holiday spirit.

Just Keep Sewing…


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