Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along

Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along Week #24

Week # 24


Thanks to those of you still posting & sending the pics of your completed sections & completed tops!

If you’re not part of my Facebook group, Dresden Quilt Workshop,

head over there & sign up so you too can share & see all the

lovely quilt tops being finished & shown.

This week (again for those of you not already finished….)

will be another section of the quilt to assemble.

This is section 4.

Here are the steps to sew it together.

Notice the numbers are once again carried over from the previous steps.

This time there are a few small vertical seams to sew together.

Then the horizontal seams will complete this section.

I hope you’re enjoying the final steps to soon complete the entire quilt top!

As mentioned earlier in the assembly instructions,

I pressed each seam to the path of least resistance.

Some seams were pressed open to alleviate bulk.

Please send pics of your progress.

Send pics to the group!

Just Keep Sewing…


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