Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along

Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along Week #25

Week # 25


Thanks to those of you still posting & sending the pics

of your completed tops!

If you’re not part of my Facebook group, Dresden Quilt Workshop,

head over there & sign up so you too can share & see all the

lovely quilt tops being finished & shown.

Just one more week…

We will be sewing the 4 sections of the quilt together this week.

Here are the numbered steps.

Notice the numbers are once again carried over from the previous steps.

I was so excited when I was finally able to piece my completed sections together!

I hope you feel the same way.

I think a lot of you do, since you’re not waiting for my instructions!!!

I’m sure enjoying seeing your tops being completed,

so thanks for sending the pics to our group!

I pressed each seam to the path of least resistance here too.

Just one more week.

Week #26 we’ll add the border.

Send pics to the group!

Just Keep Sewing…


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