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What Inspires Me? #1

Through the years I’ve had lots of inquiries about what inspires me.

I can’t be specific or answer why,

but here’s a look at my brain at work being inspired…

At an antique mall this week I found a baggie of bitsy doll shoes.

(& then a couple days later at another antique mall the antique lunch pail…)

To be more specific, doll skates!

Are these not the cutest things you’ve even seen?

I’m always on the lookout for things I’ve never seen before.

That’s my goal at any antique mall, estate sale, etc.

When I got home and looked more closely,

I found that the ballerina slippers were pretty awesome too!

The skates are now in their new home.

Not sure where the rest of the shoes are going;

maybe a jar when I find just the right one.

Who cares?

They make my heart sing!

Sometimes I’m inspired by old quilts.

Who isn’t???


These are at Country Meadows, downtown Alton, if you’re interested.

Looking in books & magazines can spark an idea…


I’m particularly intrigued with this fabric with little red squares.

And I love the scrappy colors of this heart collage.

I have so much fun visiting antique malls.

It’s like a treasure hunt every time!

Lots of eye candy under one roof,

or when I’m lucky enough to enjoy an outdoor flea market, even better, more junk!

Just about a month away from the first one of the season; can’t wait!

What inspires you???

Just Keep Sewing…


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