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What Inspires Me? #2

To further answer the question of what inspires me,


Sometimes it’s a rainbow of colors.

I love being inspired by it then decide how to use it.

Perhaps it’s just one color that I love and have to find just the right design or setting.

I need to decide what will make the fabric look its best.

These made the final cut.

Not too light, not too dark, not too yellow…

Then to make it all happen

just the way I planned it.

Often I take pics to remind me how I want it to go together.

What inspires you???

Just Keep Sewing…


6 thoughts on “What Inspires Me? #2”

  1. Oh I love the color you have chosen. I also love the little Dresden plates. Do you sell the pattern?

    1. I sell the templates. They are my Tiny Dresden Template #216. The patterns for the two new designs will be available this spring. Does this answer your question?

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