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Want To Sew 1-A-Day 3″ Blocks With Me?

During my 3 1/2″ hour commute to my studio this morning,

(OK, I was very much sidetracked when I started cleaning behind my computer that got pulled out yesterday to try & help my husband work from home. I then spent the next 3 1/2 hours pulling out furniture, vacuuming, dusting & cleaning every window inside & out!)

It was time, but I do not enjoy the task!

Lots of time for thinking though…

The idea came to me after I self imposed my own quarantine nearly 2 weeks ago.

Then in hearing from my friend, Chris over the weekend who’s sister-in-law had passed away from the virus,

I made a decision that I was going to help in my own way.

While busily praying,


& sleeving

my new,

but no-longer-going-to-quilt-market quilts

these past few days,

I decided since a lot of you enjoyed our little 3″ blocks

from my 12 Days of Christmas quilt-along,

that more little 3″ blocks would be fun now too!

Everyone has fabric enough for 3″ blocks, right?

For now, gather your “collection”

& get it ready with Mary Ellen’s Best Press.

Working with little pieces is no big deal

when you press them with Best Press first!

Spring? Civil war? Batiks? Brights? Christmas? Scrappy?

Doesn’t matter!

Just use your favorites.

I’ve not decided yet myself… maybe Thimbleberries?

I will decide & I will get to work so you can start sewing!

I’ve already decided on the first block

and did some browsing here for more ideas.

Are you with me?

Want a little bit of sewing each day

to take your mind off of the things we cannot control?

Chop, chop, go make some decisions!

Just Keep Sewing…



5 thoughts on “Want To Sew 1-A-Day 3″ Blocks With Me?”

  1. i’m for it.   i have started cleaning out my huge craft closet.  i have a chest of drawers full of old thimbleberry material we bought 16 years ago.  ready, set,  ….go

  2. You KNOW I can’t resist MQALs and you also KNOW I love teeny, tiny blocks! Guess I’m in!! I’m thinking spring at this point. Bring it on! And thank you very, very much for this distraction!

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