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Sewing Coronavirus CDC-compliant face masks for staff

If not now, eventually we will all affected by the Coronavirus either directly or indirectly.

3 of our children are healthcare workers working directly with patients every day;

our daughter a nurse practitioner,

her husband an RN

& our Daughter-in-law a physical therapist.

Let me tell you, more than ever this mom is praying for their & all of our safety!

So, last night when our nurse practitioner daughter sent me a link from the hospital that her husband works at asking for help with making masks & mentioned maybe I could maybe write on my blog to help get the word out, I said sure!

Here’s a link that I found from Deaconess Hospital with a very good (short) video that shows a woman actually making a mask, giving exact dimensions for fabric & elastic.

I had no elastic the right size, but fortunately my mom did!

Since my parents have been quarantined for nearly 2 weeks

I feel safe handling stuff from them.

Can you relate?

After watching the video last night I noticed these fabrics in my sewing room.

Recognize them?

They’re scraps from making my QAYG, Jellyroll Joyride quilt

samples for spring market this time last year.

Today I set to sewing masks while chatting

(on the phone) with a quilting friend!

Less than 2 hours later I had these:

I have more fabric & more elastic so I will make more tomorrow.

A local quilt shop, Patchwork Plus is a local drop off spot for them.

“Drop off at the shop on Wednesday or Thursday 11-3 each week.
You can also mail them to the shop at 62 E. Ferguson Ave, Wood River, IL 62095.
Please put them in a plastic bag.

If you can help, I’m sure there is need in your area also.

If you don’t have any masks in your household

you may want to make enough for your family too

just in case the need arises for use.

Please pray for the safety of our healthcare workers,

first responders & everyone helping in this dangerous time.

Thank you!

Just Keep Sewing…






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