fall quilts, Halloween quilts

Got Your October On?

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about the changing seasons

is changing some decorations in our home.

Whether you decorate for Halloween or go straight to fall

I have lots of quilts that are fun to sew &

make your home feel inviting year after year.

Some include some Tiny Dresdens…

Turkey, anyone?

A cute scare?

I LOVE this pillow made from my BOO pattern!

My latest Halloween pattern.

My latest fall pattern.

A friendly scarecrow.

A fall quilt that can be incorporated into a larger quilt if you’re so inclined.

Table runner, small quilt &

a small pumpkin for towels

or whatever else needs a pumpkin.

& one of my favorites, Signs of Autumn.

I hope I’ve whetted your sewing appetite!

These& more can all be found on my website, SuznQuilts.com.

Just Keep Sewing…


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