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My #SewPINK Initiative Day


We all have many family members & friends that have experienced breast cancer. Due to cancer research, many of them thankfully are survivors! Best chances of survival are to catch it early. Please don’t be afraid of having screening done. It’s not fun, but it’s definitely not that bad. I’ve been having intrusive screening every year since my early 30’s because of family history. It hasn’t stopped me from going every year anyway! In my experience the staff are always very thoughtful & caring. If you’ve had a bad experience, go somewhere else! If you’re nervous, take a friend to wait with you if possible. Just get it done.

Would you like to make a sweet little quilt for a dear friend that may be going through treatments now or maybe is a breast or other cancer survivor?

Maybe you just want to make a cute little quilt?

I designed this “pink” quilt for those of us that don’t want the constant reminder of cancer, but instead, love.

Just a couple of Mini Dresden plates,

a few flowers and a few spools.

I enjoyed making this sweet little quilt &

Tamara did an awesome job quilting it!

I love the way the light catches all those beautiful feathers.

It’s available now on my website in both printed and PDF versions.

I also have a limited number of fabric kits available there too.


We believe breast cancer awareness is important all year,

and although we emphasize it in October

(Breast Cancer Awareness Month),

our continuous goal is to provide resources and awareness year-round.

Please visit these other blogs for more pink fun & also to donate.

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The #SewPink Initiative was created by LLC to raise awareness for breast cancer throughout the year. Our efforts culminate in an annual blog hop during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote self-care, awareness, early detection and support for those affected by breast cancer. 

To learn more and see the calendar of events visit:

To find screenings available near you: 

To donate directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation visit:!/donation/checkout

For a chance to win a $30 coupon

to use at

just leave me a comment on this blog post.

(If you’re seeing this on my FB page,

please go to the post here to comment.)

The drawing will take place Monday October 19th.

Just Keep Screening & Sewing…


16 thoughts on “My #SewPINK Initiative Day”

  1. Definitely an important appointment to make, especially if there’s family history. And you’re right — it’s not that bad a procedure!

  2. Beautiful quilt! My husband lost his mother to breast cancer when he was 19. Thank you for helping to bring awareness to this terrible disease!

  3. You’re spot on about screenings-may be uncomfortable-but you know it only lasts for a few minutes and you’re done-on your way to better health! Having survived the disease (so far!) even the annual diagnostic screenings are done with such great care, it makes for an “almost” pleasant visit! Look for a breast center in your area for the greatest of care :)

  4. I just had my yearly mammogram. My sister just had a double mastectomy this past Spring. Thanks for getting the word out.

  5. Thank you for highlighting breast cancer! I have been called back four times and it’s always terrifying but it’s always turned out to be okay. Unfortunately , my teenage daughter has a rare form of cancer and this has made me a passionate advocate for education and awareness of all cancers.

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