Mystery Quilt-Along

Another 12 Days of Christmas Mystery Quilt-Along, Day 12, Epiphany


Welcome to Another 12 Days of Christmas,


Thanks for spending time these past 12 days with me

& for sharing your love of quilting with the group.

It means so much to me &

I’ve enjoyed looking at everyone’s fabric choices.

Hopefully, like mine,

your scrap bag is a little less full

now that we’re ready to assemble these 33 lovely blocks.

I took a pic of my blocks in rows

to see if I needed to rearrange any for color placement.

I love this quilt even more than I thought I would!

The pics do not do it justice &

I’m typically not into scrappy quilts

but I couldn’t resist the challenge

having been trying to think of a way

to use these lovely vintage prints.

It reminds me of the “I Spy” books that my kids used to bring home from school.

Every block is unique & different.

What do you think?

I liked this arrangement so I sewed the blocks into rows.

After the decisions were made

it only took about 30 minutes to complete the top.

The final step is to sew the 3 rows together.

Click the link below to bring up the PDF of the assembly diagrams.


When your top is complete please share it with us on my Facebook group here:

I hope you love your quilt as much as I love mine!

Now to contemplate quilting.

Just Keep Sewing…


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