Valentine & heart quilts

Valen-Time To Sew!

Over the weekend & also already this morning

I’ve been receiving orders for my valentine themed patterns.

It’s the perfect time to make a little quilt with love

just in time for Valentine’s Day.

How could anyone resist these sweet little hearts of Bitsy Pink Hearts?

More sweet little hearts, Bitsy Red Hearts

Both Bitsy Heart quilts fit perfectly on Ackfeld 12″ stands.

They’re available on my website by clicking here.

2 Hearts as One is a quick & easy

Quilt-as-you-go runner & place mat pattern

with a little bit of fusible web applique.

My personal favorite is Dresden LOVE!

Just one Tiny Dresden Plate!

Dresden Love fits perfectly on the Ackfeld 12″ stand too.

In season for Love is one of my 12-month series patterns.

Love & Dresden Kisses has a few Tiny Dresden plates,

some piecing & some fusible web applique too.

With all my Heart has a bit more piecing &

a bit of hand embroidery plus some cute Tiny Dresden plates too!

Tiny Dresden February is one part of my very popular

Tiny Dresden Seasonal Series patterns.

You can make a quilt for every month with my Tiny Dresden Seasonal Series

using my Tiny Dresden Template.

Buy just 1 Ackfeld 6″ stand & swap the quilts out each month.

They can be found by clicking here.

Many of my patterns are now available for PDF download.

Choose your favorites to make for you

& a loved one!

Just Keep Sewing…


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