Mystery Quilt-Along

Another 12 Days of Christmas Mystery Quilt With Borders

It’s fun seeing the completed tops that everyone is posting in our FB group.

Thanks for sharing!

Today I was inclined to add borders to mine.

I liked the thin inner border some of you were adding

along with an outer border so I decided to do likewise.

Back to the scrap tote I went this morning.

Since these are scraps I was a bit limited on border options

because of the size of the scraps

but it was still a time consuming proposition.

I love being able to use my phone

to easily get perspective on the finished quilt.

I knew I wanted a multi-color print for the outer border for sure.

When I added a contrasting inner border

it made both the blocks & the outer border “pop.”

When I wasn’t totally sold on any of those options however,

I consulted my stash of vintage yardage.

I’ve been collecting pieces the past few years

when I find an awesome print at an estate sale or antique mall.

In the end I decided on 2 prints from the same tote

that I pulled all of the other prints from used in the top.

If you want to use my same dimensions,

inner border is cut 1 1/4″ & outer is cut 2 1/2″.

My design assistants, Gracie & Annie approve of my decisions.

(biased by the fact that now that it’s done gma’s taking us outside to play!)

Since it’s going to be nice later today

I’m going to take down the outside Christmas lights.

That will give them plenty of time to play.

Now that I’m finally feeling better

this weekend we’re going to celebrate Christmas with our kids

along with my birthday, our anniversary,

Clare’s graduation, David’s retirement…

Beyond excited!

I know I said it before,

but I love this quilt even more than I thought I would.

I hope I’ve enticed you a little more to finish (or start) yours.

When your top is complete please share it with us on my Facebook group here:

I hope you love your quilt as much as I love mine!

Just Keep Sewing…


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