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Candy Corn Sampler Quilt-Along Step 15, Assembly

Welcome to Step 15, the last step of making your Candy Corn Sampler!

Wow, it’s time for quilt assembly!

I hope you’ve kept up & have all of your blocks complete, but if not, “Just Keep Sewing!”

If they are compete, refer to the diagram on page 21 to lay out all of your blocks & the border strips to be sure you have everything in its correct place.

Below is a pic of my top in progress minus the bat corner blocks.

Once everything is in place, sew the blocks into columns then sew the columns together.

I’d show you those pics, but I was so excited to sew my top together that I didn’t think to photograph these steps!!!

Sorry, lol!

Position then glue or fuse the “B” on the lower portion of the applique strip

& the little bird on the “OO” block.

Appliqué them in place.

Lastly, sew the candy corn border strips to the sides & then to the top & bottom.

Now to layer with backing & batting & quilt it.

You still have a couple of days ‘til Halloween you can probably get it quilted by then.

Or if you’re like me, hang the top for Halloween, then take it to your favorite quilter on November 1st!

I’m sure Tamara would love to quilt your Candy Corn Sampler.

She did a great job quilting mine!

You can find her by clicking here.

After it’s quilted, don’t forget to sew the little white buttons on the bats for their eyes.

Have you sewn on buttons with your sewing machine before?

I sew all of my buttons on with my sewing machine.

First, tape them down in place.

I tape multiple buttons on at the same time.

Next set your machine’s stitch length to “0” & set the stitch width to align with the holes in the buttons. On my machine it’s “3” for the width.

Did you know that no matter the size of the button, “most” button holes are the same width apart? Super large or super tiny buttons are the only exceptions I’ve noticed.

I sew multiple buttons on & then go back & trim threads.

Notice I use the open toe foot for this task.

Did you know that I use this foot for pretty much everything?

The only time I take it off is to put on either the walking foot or free-motion foot.

To remove the tape painlessly, pull the tape off parallel with eye stitch width.

Usually it pulls off in just 1 piece.

Repeat with remaining bats.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this quilt-along.

I loved designing and making my Candy Corn Sampler Quilt.

If you’re just reading along to see if you’d like to make this or another pattern of mine I hope I’ve enticed you to do so.

If you’re not already a member of my Sewing With Susan Facebook group, please join & share pics.

Find the group by clicking here to join.

Happy Halloween from Emma & Me!

Just Keep Sewing…