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Home again, Home again, Jiggety jig!

…and I’m so glad and so exhausted!

There’s a lot of physical labor required for attending market, both as a vendor & shopper.

I was fortunate enough to have my daughter, Chloe help me out again.

This shows our booth after everything was moved in and the drapes were hung.

Since we drove a short 4 hours to Kansas City this year, we could bring along some fun props.

This is a photo of the booth almost set-up, Chloe filing a broken nail?  Lots of that happening!

You would not believe all the compliments we got on the hanging chairs!!!

Market was great, with lots of shop owners walking the floor & shopping!

We handed out over 600 brochures.

Here are some of our first shoppers.

I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll say it again. There are so many nice people in the quilting industry!!!

We had many compliments on our booth and the quilts.

Of course my favorite part is taking orders and sharing the weekend with friends that I’ve met over the years while attending market.

More photos of market neighbors & friends to come.

Until next time,


New Pattern Sample, New quilt pattern

Spring Market Quilt Pattern Debut, Cars on the Road

I know it’s been long in the making, believe me, I know!

It’s hard to believe just how long it really does take to get an idea from my head into pattern form, and this is with a LOT of technology!

Lately I’ve been starting my designs on my computer using a design program.

Not that it designs the quilt for me, but I draw my sketches on my computer, unless I’ve started with a doodle, then I scan that into my computer as a jumping off place. It’s so much easier to begin in my computer for my applique pieces especially, then I don’t have to scan and re-draw them when I start writing the pattern.

So, I draw an applique shape, or start a block with my mouse. This way I can play with scale, color, proportion, textures in fabrics, and get perspective, all without using any fabric or thread (so much quicker than sewing and un-sewing, etc.)  This is especially handy when I have only so much sample fabric to use, or I’m trying to figure out how much sample fabric to order from my generous supplier; Moda Fabrics.  They have been VERY generous to me, sending me new fabrics before they are even available to shops. When I go to market, quilt shop owners can see my new designs in fabrics they’ve just received or about to receive and it helps to sell the pattern & fabrics if they are somewhat coordinated.

After I’ve decided on a design, I gather the appropriate fabrics and sew the sample(s), quilt them, or like a lot of my new designs this year, send them out to be quilted.  Since my quilter, Judy Bishop moved, I have to ship them to her.  She is like a magician.  I send her my quilt tops, backing fabric and batting and she sends me back a beautiful quilt.  I don’t tell her how to quilt my tops, she has a sixth sense about her that can see exactly what my top needs and just does it!  I am spoiled by her!

Usually while I’m waiting on that part, I can start writing my instructions on my computer, using the notes that I made while sewing and my computer generated illustrations.  This time, instead of writing those instructions, I went right to work on another quilt. I actually sent Judy multiple quilts at once (a few times) to get all my samples quilted!  I was making several quilts together to go into a couple of books.

So, while Judy was quilting for me, I wrote instructions & had a couple of testers sewing and proofing my work. Then I get quilts back from Judy, put binding on them, and schedule my photographer. It takes a couple or few days for him to do his work getting the photos just right.  While I wait for that,  I can design the covers, adding just the right colors to enhance each quilt.

After I decide on a layout for a cover, I make at least three versions with various color backgrounds and have them printed.  Next I trim them up and put them in pattern bags.  I then hang them up and have family members vote on their favorite one. If I stand back a bit I can usually tell which one shows off the quilt the best.  That’s the one I want!

Then it’s back to the computer making the files so that the printer can print from them.

When I make a book like this time (x 2!) you can multiply this all by 5 or 6 or so…

Then I end up with this


It’s the latest of my Quilt-as-you-go lap quilts.

I’ve used mostly Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket for Moda Fabics.

I love making these.

You cut the backing & batting to the finished size of the quilt and baste them together. Fill the foundation with strips, then add binding and it’s done!

This one uses a jelly roll and some yardage.

The pattern is available on my website.

Stay tuned for the rest of my new patterns this week.

Until next time,