A Giveaway!, New Quilt Book

And The Strip Quilt Secrets Winner Is…

Thanks for all the kind comment about Strip Quilt Secrets!

It was fun drawing a #.

Our winner is:

#58 Susan S 

“I’m glad you are feeling better about scrap quilts!

I have so many scraps I could use on Diane’s quilts!”

I hope you do make some quilts with all of those scraps.

Now you’ll have no excuse not to.

I hope all of you who didn’t win will visit Diane’s website

or your favorite quilt shop to get a copy

then make your own scrappy quilts.

Just Keep Sewing…


New Quilt Book

Dresden Quilt Workshop Now Available!

After much work, much wait & so much anticipation…

Dresden Quilt Workshop has finally arrived!

If you already have one or both of my little Dresden plate templates

Suzn+Quilts+Tiny+Dresden+Template                         Suzn+Quilts+MiniDresdenTemplate

(Tiny Dresden #216 & Mini Dresden #186)

you’re half way there.

Like all of my little Dresden plate patterns, the paper templates are included in the book, but the plastic templates make your cutting so much faster & more accurate.

I’m all about accuracy.

These are some of the 13 quilt patterns included in the book.

Every quilt in the book uses my Tiny Dresden template

and some of them also use my Mini Dresden template.

Dresden Quilt Workshop is available on my website now

and hopefully will be available at your local quilt shop soon!

If you’re like me and prefer to shop at your local quilt shop,

please give them my information so they can find

Dresden Quilt Workshop at their favorite distributor.

Get yours today!

Just Keep Sewing…




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New book, A Christmas Sampler

Now for my new book!

Suzn Quilts #203 A Christmas Sampler Cover

This is my new Christmas Sampler that is written as a 12 step block-of-the-month.

I love this pattern and it is only $20!

I sold out of these at market last month!

Do I need to tell you that it is made with Deb Strain’s Christmas Countdown by Moda?

There is applique and piecing and the instructions are broken down into 12 steps so you won’t be overwhelmed.

If you’re like me you’ll just want to jump right in & stitch this sampler as quickly as humanly possible,

but I know there are a lot of quilters out there that like the option for quilt shops to cut kits for them in the block-of-the-month fashion.

Each step is printed on its own page(s) that are perforated for easy tearing out and each applique step has full-size, reversed templates ready to trace.

The last step has detailed illustrations and instructions for sewing all of the completed segments together to make the finished top

and the last page is devoted to kitting instructions for quilt shops.

The back cover features another version of the quilt.

Christmas Sampler back Coverwatermark web

I chose the fabrics for this sample from my stash.

It has a more primitive or country feel.

I also left off the outer border; partly so you could see how it still looks good smaller,

but most importantly because I want to hang it in my kitchen for Christmas on the hanger my late father-in-law built for me

and this is the perfect size!

The quilt features more holly buttons by Just Another Button Company on the mints like on my Peppermint Pizzazz pattern

and the holly berries and snowflakes are actually more Hillcreek buttons.

Have I enticed you yet???

I hope that I have.

If your local quilt shop doesn’t have them, all my books and patterns are available on my website.

I had a lot of fun piecing both color versions

and I enjoyed going back the last couple of months with you remembering my sewing journey!

Thanks for following.

Until next time,


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New Book & Patterns Ready For Fall Market

I finally have all of my printing done for market, yeah!

My new covers and books were delivered last week, but I’ve been busy doing other things like getting my distributor packets together, packing & putting the new designs on my website.

So, as I introduce my new designs this week, know that you can go to my website and order them and not have to wait for me to do that task after market.

Now for the best part, introducing them to you.

First, my new book.

You may remember me showing you the new Odds & Ends fabrics a couple of months ago, and then showing you the backing and batting of all three of these quilts basted and ready to sew.

Along with them I also designed and sewed some name banners.

I was lucky enough to get two more perfect models; Delaney my little friend, and my new great-nephew, Benjamin.

Aren’t they cute?

In this new book you’ll find Quilt-as-you-go instructions to make the name quilts in either baby size or lap size.

You can see from the photos that the lap quilt is the perfect size for any age kid to cuddle up in and the baby size is generous enough for wrapping any age baby into. (you know, for when the baby is 6 months old and you still don’t have a gift…)

The name banners can be made either horizontal or vertical and can say anything you want, not just names.

Entire full-size alphabet is included.

Instructions and yardage guidelines are given in the book too.

This summer our family moved into the next generation with the birth of Benjamin.

Upon trying to decide what to give the expectant parents, knowing I would be setting a precedence with 10 nieces & nephews plus 3 kids of our own, I decided on a quilt using my unique quilt-as-you-go technique.  It’s really quick, cute and usable!

I was able to match Benjamin’s nursery colors, personalize it with his name and it was quick & easy.

I also thought ahead for those of you sewing for babies that maybe are not named in time for gift sewing and giving, just put on it the word “BABY” such as I did for the quilt above that Ben is lying on.  Problem solved!

I’m so excited knowing when all those babies start coming very close together, and you know they will and soon, I will be able to sew up a quick quilt by just selecting 3 fabrics and starting to sew.

Pretty smart of me, huh?

I hope you will give them a try.

Look for two more new designs coming up.

Until next time,


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R(est) & R(elaxation) Sewing

Whenever market is finally over, it takes me a while to get back into the swing of things.

I work so many hours getting my designs ready for market that at some point I stop doing everything and do just the bare minimum day-to-day and let things go. I still cook, and clean, but not the deep stuff.

After market I have to retrace my steps and get back to whatever is “normal.”

Then, such as now, I need to sew!

I bought this book this year to get back to my “roots” of sorts.

Although my first official quilting project with quilt shop fabrics was with Debbie Mumm’s Sunflowers, and now that I think about it, it was 20 years ago this month that I started quilting…my first love (addiction) was Thimbleberries!

I collected MANY pieces of Lynette’s fabric (a bit of an understatement???).

This sits near my computer in my sewing room.

It’s a lot, but not even close to all of my Thimbleberries stash.

The rather large Longaberger basket is full of Thimbleberries scraps from projects past.

There are some suitcases around the house that have my reds, blues & creams, and some bigger pieces that could be used as backings if only I could bear to cut them…  Oh and then there are the storages boxes… I also have a suitcase full of my Thimbleberries patterns.  I know, it’s an addiction!

Many of my early patterns used Thimbleberries fabrics;

My “Signs of the Seasons,”

Old Glory in Mini Applecore,

and An Old Fashioned Merry Christmas, to name a few.

This dear, antique shopping cart, although in plain sight for over 10 years, has definitely been neglected.

Yesterday I decided to make a project from the new Thimbleberries book and use my beloved stash!!!

It’s a lap quilt.

Last night with Clare at my elbow on the computer, trying to find some new recipes, I began to cut the fabrics that took me all day to select…

This morning I began to sew…

The fun thing about Thimbleberries patterns is that they are quick and easy.  The 6, 12-1/2″ blocks are already sewn.  I need to cut the sashing and assemble the top next.

Rosemary’s club meets next Thursday.  I hope to have this done for show & tell then.

Time will tell.

My nephew is getting married the 16th and I have family coming in town Monday night and I have Christmas fabric coming for a project that is getting down to the wire for the deadline that will definitely take precedence, but I’m determined to get some R & R sewing done just for me!!!

What about you?

Do you have a first love in quilting???

Until next time,


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Home again, Home again, Jiggety jig!

…and I’m so glad and so exhausted!

There’s a lot of physical labor required for attending market, both as a vendor & shopper.

I was fortunate enough to have my daughter, Chloe help me out again.

This shows our booth after everything was moved in and the drapes were hung.

Since we drove a short 4 hours to Kansas City this year, we could bring along some fun props.

This is a photo of the booth almost set-up, Chloe filing a broken nail?  Lots of that happening!

You would not believe all the compliments we got on the hanging chairs!!!

Market was great, with lots of shop owners walking the floor & shopping!

We handed out over 600 brochures.

Here are some of our first shoppers.

I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll say it again. There are so many nice people in the quilting industry!!!

We had many compliments on our booth and the quilts.

Of course my favorite part is taking orders and sharing the weekend with friends that I’ve met over the years while attending market.

More photos of market neighbors & friends to come.

Until next time,


New Quilt Book

Another New Book, Baby Love

This book title has put the Supremes’ song in my head, over & over, & over…(even now!)

but this is Suzn Quilts’ Baby Love.

This book includes 5 generous sized baby quilts, plus a bonus quilt/pillow pattern and a baby bag.

I’ve used more Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket for Moda and other Moda fabrics in these designs.

I always have to add more fabrics to make the designs “just right!”

My friend, Cindy tested several of my new patterns for me as well as my friend Robin.  I could not have gotten all of this done without their help, or Judy’s help with the quilting of many of the samples. I’d also like to thank Matthew and Josie, my Toddler Towne models, Philip, my photographer and Wood River Printing for getting my books, covers and brochures printed so quickly and so well, thanks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my “new stuff” introductions.

Look for them on my website soon.

I’ll be home soon with market photos.

Until next time,


My Life, New Quilt Book

New Book; Toddler Towne

I’ve been wanting to do some little boy patterns.  It just seems like there is always an overabundance of little girl patterns out there, but not so for little boys.  Keep in mind though, when I asked for the help of a little boy to sport some of the items for photography, I learned that his little sister is in love with cars as well, so she joined the photo session too!

Well, I got started and couldn’t quit, so it turned into a book.

Included are a twin quilt, a growth chart, a birthday counter, an apron & hat and a backpack.

I used a lot of Cosmo Cricket’s Salt Air by Moda, plus a bunch of other Moda fabrics.

You will also see the jumbo rickrack that I’ve fallen for, so cute to use for a road, huh?

Judy Bishop quilted this twin quilt for me.

Lots of ideas for the car lover in your life…

One more new design, and it’s another book!

Until next time,