Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along

Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along Week #9

Week #

Please keep posting & sending me pics of your blocks!

If you’re not part of my Facebook group, Dresden Quilt Workshop,

head over there & sign up so you too can share & see all the progress.

This week we will a refer to

 Star-Spangled Dresdens page 45.

I love how dynamic this block is!

I think the addition of the Tiny Dresden plate in the center is perfect.

You’ll be making 2 of these blocks this week.

IMHO they go together pretty effortlessly.

I’ll be curious if you think so too.

I don’t recall having any reservations about my fabric choices.

I was excited to try this block out in other fabrics besides the patriotic feeling original color scheme.

& I think it works well in these Jen Kingwell prints!

& these Jen Kingwell prints too!

By now do you too have a pretty basket full of coordinating scraps?

This is where my creative brain wants to take that basket full of scraps and make something else as awesome as this quilt…. it just doesn’t quit!

Unfortunately time has a way of sneaking in and telling me “NO!”.

This is also where I finished another large spool of my most-favorite #1180, Medium Taupe!

It’s no wonder since I use this thread almost exclusively in my quilting.

Besides the bubble gum pink/poison green plates pictured with the spools,

I also used it for this whole quilt; piecing & applique for the plates too.

It blends so well with so many of my fabric choices.

I also had fun matching things up to see how the design as a whole was progressing…

2 more blocks.

Just Keep Sewing…



A Giveaway!, Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along

And The Winner Is…

It’s fun to see all of the color combinations of your

Dresden Quilt Workshop Samplers

that are being sewn & shown!

Thanks for participating in my very first Quilt-Along!

I absolutely love my quilt!!!

Jen Kingwell’s fabric is perfect &

Tamara’s quilting is stunning as always!

I know there are more of you sewing but not showing and that’s OK,

but it sure is fun watching your quilts grow a block or 2 at a time.

I decided to draw the old fashioned way,

with slips of paper with everyone’s names

& I decided to draw from my Michigan souvenir!

According to the Shedd’s happy elf,

the winner is:

I know where you live & work Karen so I can deliver!

Just let me know if the BOO pattern is OK or if you’d rather have a different $10 pattern.

There are many to choose from on my website.

Thanks again to all of you Dresden Quilt Workshop Sampler quilters!

I appreciate your support!

Just Keep Sewing…


Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along

Dresden Quilt Workshop Quilt-Along Week #3

Week #

Thanks for more posting & sending me pics of your first blocks!

If you’re not part of my Facebook group, Dresden Quilt Workshop,

head over there & sign up so you too can share & see all the progress.

This week we will refer to

A Blooming Day quilt, page 27.

You’ll be making 4 blocks that are adjacent to our “Quilts” block from Week 1.

This is why I thought it was important to start with that block.

Do you see that now?

Between the 4 blocks,

there could be up to a dozen fabrics bumping into that block’s fabric.

The designer in me doesn’t want the same fabric bumping into itself!

This week you’ll make:

4 Dresden Filler Blocks, assembly on page 30.

Each block has a Tiny Dresden plate in the corner.

Lots of fabric selections this week, yay!

& more Tiny Dresden blocks too, double yay!

All I can say is Mary Ellen’s Best Press is one of my best friends

because it helps to keep the bias edges of these blocks stable

so my blocks will be the right size

(& the shape of a triangle, Lol!!)

when they’re finished.

My blocks & I aren’t perfect,

just precise, because of the nice tools available.

I hope you’re able to find them, but if not, I have them on my website SuznQuilts.com.

BTW, I still have kits available on my website too.

FYI, you might notice that I didn’t applique the plates to the background squares

until I was ready to assemble the blocks unlike how I made A Blooming Day in the book.

The reason is because of all the different fabrics that I used in each block.

I wanted to be able to audition the fabrics again before the final assembly.

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way I picture them in my head!

Here are the 4 complete Dresden Filler Blocks.

Spoiler alert… we may be making the other half of these blocks next week.

Come back next week & see for sure.

Just Keep Sewing…




My Life, new fabric collection, New Pattern Sample

New Fabric, Circulus & Lollies Sweet

I found a magical fabric collection!

It’s Circulus & Lollies Sweet by Jen Kingwell for Moda fabrics.

There are lots of dots,

but the cool part is all the stripes from just a handful of prints!

Each stripe will accommodate my Tiny & Mini Dresden petals and my Tiny Dresden background squares too.

It’s not my usual color pallet you might say, but I sure am loving the bright variety of these fabrics!

New ideas are in store for you here on my cutting table!

These are some Mini Dresden petals.

A nice bold, fun contrast don’t you think?

I’m working on the new pattern samples but it’ll be a bit before they’re ready for you.

Look at this sweet mess!!!

I can’t wait to show you all of it!

In the meantime, what are you up to?

I hope it’s something fun.

Just Keep Sewing…