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New Patterns Now Available!

It’s that time of year again,

when I can finally relax a bit because all of the

deadlines for Quilt Market have been met & are now over,


I can also smile because I have 5 pretty & new patterns,

thanks to the help of my quilter, Tamara,

my photographer, Scott,

& my editors, Robin, Chris & Janet.


I love the way our booth at Fall Quilt Market turned out.


My daughter, Chloe, is now a nurse practitioner with a new job,

& she’s also a newlywed, so she wasn’t able to come along.

Luckily my sister, Lori, was able to help me this time at market instead.

Although she didn’t “speak quilt” before,

she’s pretty good at it now & she was great help!

It was great seeing our quilt market friends

& we met many new ones too.

My first new pattern that I’d like to introduce is

Tiny Dresden Scrap Sensation.

You may remember seeing this earlier,

because I actually made this first version of the quilt a year ago!

It was made with the scraps of my new Jellyroll Joyride quilt.

Aren’t the colors lovely?

This is every scrap that was left of the jelly roll after making this quilt.

If you look closely you’ll see there are 2 of each fabric scrap.

That’s because to make the Jellyroll Joyride quilt

I needed to trim just a bit more than the selvage off each end of each strip.

Call me crazy, but…

I couldn’t resist doing something fun with them!!!

Fortunately, if I was very careful,

I could cut a Tiny Dresden petal from 12 of the scraps.

That worked out perfectly so I sewed them together.

I think I reserved just the right scrap for the center.

Next I made and appliqued that to the plate.

I never get tired of making these adorable little Dresden plates!

Wanting to use more than just 13 of the fabrics,

I decided to make the center block a snowball block

(The triangles were already cut when I pieced the binding strips together.)

and then the tiniest of border was made using more of the scraps.

What you see above is the scraps of the scraps!!! Lol

I’m such a piddler…

I think you can say that I used that entire jelly roll!

For our booth at Spring Quilt Market

I decided to make several of the Jellyroll Joyride

samples from my favorite Moda jelly rolls.

So, of course I had scraps…

I finished all 4 of the Jellyroll Joyride quilts.

Do you see then hanging behind us in the booth?

I also got 2 of the tiny quilts made just for added fun.

This is where I had lots of quilt shop owners looking for their pattern!

What? I know they’re cute, but…

So, I wrote the instructions & made the pattern.

I also finished the 2 other samples.

Notice I saved the fabric collection name from the selvages?

That has come in handy over the years

when someone asks me the name of the collection in a quilt.

My wonderful pattern tester, Chris,

made this awesome version with a mini charm

of Betsy Chutchian’s Sarah’s Story.

It’s a new pre-civil war collection.

Didn’t it turn out pretty too?

When I was looking for a hanger for the quilt

I found Ackfeld’s sewing machine hanger

but it was too big.

Luckily they’re always accommodating,

& they made a smaller version just for my quilt!

Now you can buy one too & make the quilt for your sewing room.

Both the pattern and hanger are now on my website for order.

I know, they’re adorable aren’t they?

FYI, they’re fun to make too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my stroll down

TD Scrap Sensation’s memory lane.

Stay tuned for the other 4 new quilt patterns.

Just Keep Sewing…





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New Pattern #8 for Market

Wow, time flies when I’m having fun!

I enjoy the entire process of making quilt patterns.

I love buying the fabric, making the samples, writing the directions, working with my photographer getting the photos just right and then taking them to be printed.  It’s almost fun folding and stuffing them into their zip top bags, almost.  I find that I spend a fair amount of time in front of the TV waiting on my college-age kids to get home from school, work and play, so that’s when I usually take care of that task.

When all that is finally done, I can’t wait to see the finished product in its crystal clear bag, ahh!  That shiny clear bag with my pattern inside just makes me smile.

The next step is debuting them at market.  It’s a bitter-sweet task in itself.  There is always travel involved, either to Houston each fall for fall market or to a different city each spring for spring market.  After working my bootie off for several months getting new patterns and samples ready then traveling to get them to market where it’s three days of standing all day after a day of set-up and Schoolhouse lectures the day before that, it’s very exhausting as well as exhilarating.

It’s fun seeing quilting friends, but it’s very tiring getting “it” all together!

For all those traveling to quilt market, safe travels, and come see me in booth #1902!

For those of you that cannot attend, stay tuned for photos when I return.

I will leave you with new pattern #8,

A Pretty Garden,

This is a lap size quilt, made with my Quilt-as-you-go method that I’ve chatted about here.

Bright & cheery for spring don’t you think?  It’s been in the works since BEFORE I got back from Salt Lake City’s spring market in May.  I love the way it turned out with the Amelia fabrics by Me & My Sister for Moda. The fence posts and the “grassy” area between the fence posts are sewn into strips then the strips are sewn onto the foundation.  Next make and fuse the applique.  I love the cricket, how ’bout you?

Until next time,


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We’re off to Salt Lake City, Utah for market

It’s that time again, Spring International Quilt Market.  This year it’s in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I can’t wait to see the city, and I’m anxious to show off my new designs I’ve been working on all winter. 

My oldest daughter, Chloe, will be attending with me. Although we’ve traveled throughout the country on family vacations, we’ve never been to Utah, and Chloe’s never been on a commercial airplane.  This is sure to be an adventure!

I’ll be back next week with lots of photos and I’ll be showing you my new patterns too!

Until next time,


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Hot Tip Tuesday #20, Fabric Shadows

I was working on something pretty darn cute last night and today.  If you know me, you know I can hardly make a quilt project start to finish without at least a bit of applique.  Well, this morning I decided to use a bit of fused applique with some pre-fused gold lame’ fabric.  I dug into my basket that you may remember from this post.

Anyway, after cutting out, tracing my words and fusing the piece down (in a bit of a hurry to have some relevant hand work to work on at my guild meeting this morning) to my annoyance I noticed the lame was very thin and the layer below was very obvious, ugh!!!

It’s was so obvious, even the stitching showed.  This is actually a reenactment, the original problem child has already been disciplined!

What did I do to remedy this you ask?

Well, like I said I was in a bit of a hurry and I’d already fused the piece of lame’ down tight and stitched it too!  So, I took the pre-fused lame’ from the basket again and cut yet another piece.  I then pulled my light box back out and quickly traced my design again, and fused the new piece right over the unsightly one.

 See how nicely it turned out?  Isn’t the lame perfect for a Christmas tag? I did the stitching of the words during our meeting this morning. You can’t even tell that it’s actually two layers where the gift tag is, not even in real life where I sit, and I’m very particular.  You might even say I’m a bit determined!?!

This will be a new pattern for market soon and when I go to write the instructions for “Clare’s Christmas Puppy” (my daughter drew the dog a couple of years ago) I will write in the pattern to fuse two layers of fabric together if using thin lame like this so you don’t have the same issue that I faced this morning.  This is not an isolated case really.  I remember the first time I was faced with this scenario, it was when I created my “Bunnies in the Grass” pattern that is showing in my header above right now.  I used a white on white print originally for the bunnies and where the same fabric was layered over itself it was very unsightly!  I’ve steered away from very light applique shapes ever since.  Now you can be aware of this too. 

I just remembered the black fabric was just purchased yesterday, isn’t it cool?  It’s part of a new collection by Quilting Treasures and you know what I didn’t do?  Here’s a clue.  I gotta go, work to do…

Until next time,


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A Sulky Thread Loving Moment…

Today I received these lovelies from Sulky of America!

I am currently using Sulky’s 12 wt. cotton thread to make some of these, ain’t she cute?  You should see her brothers!  They’re both from my new Ginger Bliss pattern.  They are part of several projects; a 56″ square tree skirt, a 24″ round tree skirt shown here appliqued on wool, and a table runner.  Visit my website to see/purchase them. 

using 12 wt. Sulky cotton threads 

I absolutely L-O-V-E the way this thread makes my applique POP!

Sulky’s 30 wt. cotton threads I use to make my quilting stand out.  Now that I’ve become a better machine quilter, that’s a good thing!

This sample is a table runner from my Wheels & Dashes pattern, also available on my website.

The package pictured with the threads is Sulky’s Stabilizer Sampler.  It contains four different stabilizers; Sulky Cut-Away, Sulky Tear-Away, Sulky Wash-Away & Sulky Heat-Away.  I don’t use a lot of stabilizers even though I applique a LOT, but there are times it’s absolutely necessary. I’m going to try these out, hopefully soon, so stay tuned.