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The Jellyroll Joyride Continues With Nova

A couple of weeks ago when I had Clare to help me,

we basted foundations in preparation to make 4 more Jellyroll Joyride Quilts.

I had already chosen 4 beautiful jelly rolls

& 2 yards of coordinating fabrics each

from Moda’s future collections.

The Nova collection by Basic Grey was my first choice to sew.

 I see that The Fat Quarter Shop has the jelly rolls on their site for pre-orders.

Isn’t this blue floral BEAUTIFUL!

I’m not a blue person, but I love this print!

Yesterday was the day.

I chose 6 strips for the binding and trimmed the rest of them to size.

Yes, I actually followed the pattern!

I picked out a fun movie to keep me company then set to sew.

By dinner time I had all of the strips sewn onto the foundation

& had the binding sewn onto the quilt,

then after dinner I watched TV

& sewed the binding to the back of the quilt by hand.

It’s the only hand work on this quilt

& if you don’t care for that bit of hand work

you can sew it by machine if you prefer.


Now it’s complete including the labels!

When I use one collection for the entire quilt,

I like to include a piece of the selvage with the collection name printed on it

& attach it with the label for reference later.

(I call this my artificial intelligence! Lol)

Isn’t it lovely?

I like that the ENTIRE collection is visible in the quilt!

Now you know why I’ve had this quilt pattern on my wishlist for a long time.

If you have a jelly roll that you’ve been hoarding,

waiting for the perfect quilt to showcase the collection,

you can find the pattern here on my website.

Just Keep Sewing…




New quilt pattern

A New Pattern, A Charming Layer #181

Last but certainly not least is a new pattern that is made just for those pre-cuts that you’ve been collecting the last few years but have never opened!  I know you’ve got them, they’re totally irresistible.  Ask me how I know…

This pattern uses 10″ Layer Cake Squares, Jellyroll Strips & 5″ Charm Squares! 

Of course you can cut from yardage as I did, but that’s just because I wanted a red & cream quilt for my booth and so I used these as shown to you in a previous post, remember?

This is what I did with those lovelies:

This quilt is twin size, but the pattern includes lap, twin, queen & king sizes.  It goes quickly and if you start with the pre-cuts as previously described it will go even quicker.

I hope you enjoyed my show & tell.  Please look for my patterns at your local quilt shop.  If they’re not selling them have them contact me for information to get them started.  They’re also available on my website.

Until next time,


New quilt pattern

New Pattern, Clare’s Christmas Puppy #183

I hope you’re enjoying this bit of show & tell!  I had so much fun this (very cold & long) winter.  It’s the perfect time to dream & design.  It was too cold to be out anyway, so why not sew? 

My next pattern I have to give credit to my daughter, Clare.  She is quite the artist.  She likes to draw, design, color, AND quilt too!  At 13 years old she is amazing.  2-3 years ago she drew the cutest little puppy.  It was so cute that I hung it on our frig for quite a long time.  I knew I wanted to do something with that cute puppy one day.  So, finally this design came to me and I made a table runner and little quilt.

Meet Clare’s Christmas Puppy:

Isn’t he cute? 

I can say that because I didn’t create him, I just made him into a quilt.  You can’t tell from this little photo of him, but I used wool that I felted.  I still used fusible web and machine stitched him with a buttonhole stitch.  In case you can’t tell the tag says “Merry Christmas.”  

Don’t be surprised if you see Clare’s puppy in other designs in the future.  I really like him!

Look for him at your local quilt shop, or you can purchase him here.

Until next time,


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New Pattern, Mittens on the Line #182

I’m back with another new pattern that was tied with “A Pretty Package” for my best-selling pattern at market. Meet “Mittens on the Line”.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, quilters want quick & easy patterns and this is it!  It starts with a jellyroll plus a bit of yardage and it’s quilt-as-you-go.  It’s another quilt made with Sweetwater’s “Countdown to Christmas” by Moda.

What makes this speedy is that a lot of your cutting is done for you with the jellyroll. So, you make the little 9-patches and sew them into strips.  You applique the mittens, that by the way can be cut from charm squares, then you sew those strips onto your foundation. 

The jumbo rickrack is adorable, and if you’re not into a lap quilt you can get the look with a cute little table runner.  What’s not to like?

 Look for my new patterns at your local quilt shop or buy them here.

More tomorrow!

Until next time,


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New Pattern, A Pretty Package #179

Some of my best-selling patterns are the result of my own quilt-as-you-go technique.  I’ve written a tutorial that you can see here.  Basically the backing & batting are cut to the finished size of the quilt, basted together and that acts as a foundation that the strips are then sewn onto.  Once the foundation is filled with strips, the quilt is complete.  Depending on the pattern you choose, you may need to add a bit of applique.  Apply the binding and label and the quilt is finished.

In the time since I created this technique, pre-cuts have come about.  They’re so fun to buy and design with that I couldn’t help but adapt them to some of my quilt-as-you-go lap quilts.  Today’s featured new pattern was created with a jellyroll plus yardage. The collection is Sweetwater’s “Countdown to Christmas” by Moda. 

Meet “A Pretty Package“:

As I mentioned earlier, these lap quilts are some of my best-selling patterns, here’s why: 

1. They are small enough projects that they can easily be completed in about 6 hours, maybe less if you choose one that can accommodate the pre-cuts that are available at quilt shops now.

2. They don’t cost a small fortune, so you can make and give them as gifts to friends & family.

3. Since they are quilt-as-you-go, once the strips are sewn on you don’t have to figure out how to quilt them (or pay someone to do it).

This pattern was tied for first place as my best selling pattern at market last month.  Can you believe the other pattern that it tied for first place with was another quilt-as-you-go lap quilt? It also began with pre-cuts!  You can see and purchase them here or at you local quilt shop.

While packing for market last month I realized that this quilt doesn’t have to be made with Christmas fabrics.  It would also look great as a birthday gift, baby gift, or whatever occassion you choose.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my other market best seller. 

Until next time,


New quilt pattern

New Pattern, In Season for Spring

As promised, I have another new pattern to show you today! 

It’s fun to make these small projects. I’m even making two sets, so I’ll have a spare set for trunk shows to go out to quilt shops.  That goes to show you just how fast these little projects are to make.  Translated, you can buy the pattern this year and hang it or give as a gift this year too!

This is the 5th pattern of my “In Season” series.  You can see all 5 of them on my website.

Tomorrow you’ll see a sneak peek at my next “In Season” quilt that’s now on my drawing board.  I’m telling you, they’re fast & fun to make!

Until next time,


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New Pattern, In Season for Love

I’ve been showing bits & pieces of my latest pattern sample with previous posts, and now the sample and pattern are complete:

In Season for Love is now available on my website and possibly your local quilt shop too!  When I took the patterns to a local shop, a quilter bought a pattern as soon as she saw it!  She has a wedding coming up and thought it would make a nice wedding gift.  She already had one of my “In Season for Fall” patterns in her possession to buy.

Start to finish, it took me longer to choose the fabrics than to make the whole sample! 

What do you think???

Until next time,


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Day #2, 5 New Patterns in 5 Days


I, along with 99 other designers, am featuring a block in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 2!  It contains 100, original 12″ blocks by different designers and contains full size patterns and setting ideas too. It is scheduled to be out Mid-November, but the blog hop that you’ll want to join in on starts Monday, November 8.  So, mark you calendar, because Quiltmaker is giving away lots of nice prizes.  Among the prizes will be the 100 autographed blocks featured in the issue.  You’ll have a chance to win a copy of the collector’s edition publication right here on my blog, Monday.

Now, back to my originally scheduled “5 new patterns in 5 days” blog…  This next pattern,

#169 Welcome to my Home

  It’s made using fusible applique.  The houses are two different sizes and the larger one I’ve also shown appliqued  on a tea towel.  I love making quick little projects like applique tea towels for gifts.  Like yesterday’s pattern, 3 Little Words, this quilt and towel were also featured at one of my holiday open houses.  I recently visited a friend of mine and she had one of these towels hanging in her kitchen.  I had stopped in unannounced at Vi’s house to give her some Christmas baking dishes for our upcoming smorgasbord bazaar for church. so I know she didn’t hang it on my account!  That got me thinking I needed to turn this design into a pattern too. 

If you’re so inclined, stop by my website and shop a bit.  More patterns in the next coming days. And don’t forget to drop by Quiltmaker’s Website and get ready for the blog tour!

Until next time,


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New Pattern, Sun Drenched 9 Patches!

That’s right, now that school’s back in session, I’ve been back to my designing and sewing!  This project actually started several months back as a block swap with my guild, Heartland Quilt Guild.  I am the night meeting projects coordinator.  I had a request for a 9 patch swap, so the requirements were to sew as many or as few 9″ (finished) blocks with two contrasting floral fabrics as you wanted.  I gave instructions to make 24 blocks using two, one yard cuts of fabric.  We had one member make as many as 100 blocks!  She made more than one quilt with those.

I made 24 blocks myself, all using the same two fabrics.  We had the swap and then I had 24 different blocks.  I then organized a challenge.  The only requirements for the challenge were to use the blocks from the swap and put them into a finished quilt.  I was originally going to slice up my 9 patches and sew them back together, but when I laid the blocks all out, I fell in love with the watercolor type effect that they made.

 I decided then to applique on top of the blocks instead.  I added a busy border fabric that I thought worked great in keeping with the busy-ness of the floral blocks.

Next came time to decide what to applique on those blocks!  That was literally the hardest part of this design.  I knew a large-scale flower was needed, and it had to have a nice contrast with all of the florals in the 9 patch blocks.  So here’s my finished quilt & pattern!

It reminds me of a bright sunny day! Measuring 50″ X 68″ it will make a lovely wall or lap quilt.  You can purchase this new pattern on my website! I used quick, fusible web applique.  I also layered the top with the backing & batting and let my applique stitch be part of the quilting.  I then added more free-motion quilting to fill in.  You can make the 24 blocks yourself, or organize your own block swap!

Until next time,