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I started 3 quilts today

I don’t usually start three quilts at once,

but since these three quilts will be using my Quilt-as-you-go technique

and I need an extra set of hands to quickly spray baste the backing fabric and batting together,

first-thing this morning I got started before my second set of hands headed out the door for school.

I first taped the backing fabric wrong-side-down in my (freshly swept) garage.

I topped that with a light layer of basting spray.

Next is where #1 helper, Chloe, comes in with her second set of hands and helps to hold the batting off the tacky backing fabric until I can press it down smoothly.

1, 2, 3, Perfect.

Not a single wrinkle!

Years of practice…and I only use Warm & Natural cotton batting.

Sorry for the weird glare, that’s the sun rising.

Now when I start to “quilt-as-I-go” I won’t have to move any pins.
I love this technique.

Do you use basting spray?

I’ve never had a problem using it, but I know of others who have.

Usually it’s the brand, or the amount.

If you spray too much it will gunk (technical term) up your needle,

then it can’t pick up the bobbin thread.

Sparingly is a good term for the amount of spray that I use.

As I was working at the computer getting my instructions in order

my friendly UPS driver delivered these from Sulky.

Just in time to be included in these three quilts.

They match the Odds and Ends fabrics that I showed you yesterday.


A bit of 30 wt. for the piecing and some 12 wt. for the applique that’s going to help me “name” these quilts. ;)

Now, back to work for me.

I’m going to get reaquainted with my sewing machine.

Until next time,


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Sulky Thread Love…

I ordered some thread last week because it had been a while and I was running low on several of my favorites.

Just a few days later and here they are!

The spools with orange labels are the 12 wt. threads and the spools with the brown labels are the 30 wt. threads.

I put my favorite at the top.

It’s my most-used, Sulky 12 wt. Black!  It’s what makes my applique “pop!”  I didn’t know my applique didn’t pop until a couple of Sulky reps wandered by my booth one year at market and introduced me to their threads. They knew my applique didn’t “pop”, but they didn’t tell me that, they just said, “Oh you do a lot of applique. Would you like to try our 12 wt. thread?”

Little did I know that thread would totally change the look of my applique!

I took that thread home with me and eventually tested it on my next applique project.

Oh, my goodness!

It’s like taking a big black crayon and outlining my applique shapes.

I guess I’m still a kindergartener at heart!

Notice how I just showed you what I’ve been working on without showing you what I’m working on?

I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned.

Until next time,


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New Pattern, Counting the days with Santa #184

Remember how I said I just can’t get enough red & green, and Christmas too?  Along with the Christmas countdown, Santa’s Pockets, that I showed you last week, I’ve also been wanting to make another type of countdown.  Since my kids were little we’ve had a little Christmas chalkboard that you change the days with by drawing them in chalk each day.  I know there used to be a fabric that you could write on like a chalkboard and maybe it’s still available, but I wasn’t interested in that.  I finally thought about buttoning numbers to a small countdown that you could change every day until Christmas comes.

Meet “Counting the days with Santa”:

I know, redundant! 

 Get over Christmas already!

No more of Sweetwater’s Countdown  to Christmas, girl!

But isn’t it adorable??? Another one of my favorites!

I again used my new technique with the numbers using Sulky’s 12 wt. thread that I discussed here last week with “Santa’s Pockets”.  The little green “cards” for a lack of better term button off & on to change the number of days ’til Christmas for years to come.

The “Days ’til Christmas” is hand stitched with perle cotton thread. Everything else is fusible web applique.  Ahhhhh, I’m in heaven!

The cute little hanger that I used (perfect, huh?) is by Ackfeld Manufacturing.  No affiliation, just a happy customer!

Just one more Christmas design to go.

Until next time,