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Hot Tip Tuesday #5, Fused Scraps

With yesterday being a snow day here in the midwest, today has felt like Monday all day instead of Tuesday!  Today I went Christmas shopping and to lunch with my college student daughter between her finals.  These rare solo times spent with my kids are priceless! It wasn’t until I was making dinner that I realized I needed to post another hot tip.

The tip I’d like to share with you today has to do with my love of fusible applique.  It’s one of my favorite quilting techniques to perform and with it I get lots of scraps.  Being the frugal/creative quilter that I am, I hate to throw away the negative shapes that are left when I cut out the shapes I need for a project.  I’ve even used some of these negative shapes to start a new project before.


Look at all this beatuiful black fused fabric that is left after cutting my new cool shape out!  I removed the paper from my fused design so you can see the scraps better.

 Many years ago I started saving these fused scraps in a big Longaberger basket that was sitting in my sewing room without a purpose.

Not only have I saved fabric, it comes in handy if I need a scrap of green or black or red…  I don’t have to go to the effort of fusing a piece of fabric just for a small piece I want to add to a project.

What’s also nice is I’m putting a big basket to work, yet it looks nice nestled under a table in my living room that is adjacent to my sewing room.

 Perhaps this will spark an idea of creativity in your sewing room.

Until next time,