Hot Tips

Hot Tip Tuesday #6, Binding Clips

I love putting the binding on a quilt.  Wanna know why?  When I get to the binding, that means the quilt is almost finished.  Nothing is better than finishing the quilt and standing back to take a look.

Do you all know about binding clips a.k.a. hair clips from decades ago?  

They’re the best thing to hold your binding folded to the back of your quilt until you can hand sew (yes, hand work) it into place.

That’s where this week’s tip comes from.  I’m almost finished with a new pattern, yeah! 

When I do the hand stitching on a quilt, I usually do it one of two ways; either in front of the TV or while I’m out of the house sitting and waiting for something. You know, something that I can listen to, but don’t have to watch 100%.  It makes the binding time seem almost non-existent. 

I keep my binding clips in a snack size Ziploc bag along with a pair of scissors and a threaded needle. 

When I’m ready to use them, I grab a spool of matching thread and the bag of clips along with my quilt with the binding already sewn on and I’m set. 

Note, I slide the treaded needle into the side of the bag near the zipper.  This keeps the needle where I can easily find it.  I use the same bag for years, until I decide it’s getting pretty used up where I poke the needle.

I especially like this tip because it “works” for me.  If I’m on the way out the door and in a hurry, I can pick up the bag, quilt and thread and know that I have everything that I need to work.

Until next time,