New Quilt Pattern Magazine

New Quilt Pattern Magazine!

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In case you’ve not yet heard, there’s a new quilt magazine;

It’s totally on-line, totally new, starting in January and it could be yours totally free for the first year!!!  What’s up, you ask?

Well, for just $11.99 you’ll get a 1 year subscription of 12 issues, plus one extra issue!  It will be sent in pdf format so that you’ll instantly be able to access each issue “hot off the press”.  It’s totally green and fast.  And if you subscribe by Dec. 31st you will receive 14% discount!  But if you go to The Quilt Pattern Magazine website right now and then come back here and leave me a comment, you could win a year’s subscription for FREE!!!

Please note, my comment tab is at the top of my post, near the date & post title.  I’ll be drawing a name January 1st.

Good luck & until next time,