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It’s Tuesday…

…and my day to blog about the new 100 Blocks Volume 4.

My block #313:

How strange is that, my favorite number is #13!!!

Olde St. Nick

Notice the signature on the block?  It’s one of the requirements when sending in the block.

  Run right over to Quiltmaker’s blog and register to win original blocks!

Not only that, they’re offering lots of free stuff all week on the blog hop.

Now that you’ve met my Olde St. Nick, take a look at him (and his twin) on a fast & fun table runner that is also included in this issue on page 90.

To make a table runner of  your own:

First win or purchase a new copy of 100 Blocks Vol. 4

Make 2 Olde St. Nick blocks pg. 24 (see my last post for quick cutting)

Some of my favorite tools for this job include:

Wonder Under fusible web by Pellon,

an applique sheet to fuse all the pieces together on and

my machine’s button hole stitch with Sulky’s 12 wt. thread!  It makes my applique “pop”!

Cut 60, 2-1/2″ red squares

Cut 1, 10″ red square

Sew the red 2-1/2″ squares into 6 rows of 10 squares each.  Sew the rows together to make a 12-1/2″ x 20-1/2″ rectangle.  Sew an Olde St. Nick block onto each 12-1/2″ end.

Cut 10″ red square in half diagonally. Sew a triangle onto bottom of each Olde St. Nick block as shown in photo above.  Trim excess from triangles.

Quilt as desired, bind and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy the issue as much as I enjoy being part of it.

Now go UP, UP, UP to the TOP of my blog and leave a comment telling me your favorite season to sew for.  By doing this you’ll be entered to win the drawing for a FREE issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks vol. 4.

The blog hop lasts all week, and I will personally draw for my winner on Friday after midnight.

Good luck and have fun!

Until next time,


131 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday…”

  1. I love to sew for my Granchildren’s Birthdays. That can be all year. I just love to sew and Quilts are my favorite thing to make for them. Hope I win this copy of 100 blocks this week.

  2. It is kind of funny that St. Nick got number 13. I love him. I love to sew for birthdays and Christmas but my favourite season to sew for is summer, although I would rather sew in winter.
    I love to embroider in Winter, curled up on the couch under a quilt.

  3. Love your block and your runner! I like sewing for all seasons/holidays but do more for Christmas than any other — lots of gifts to make! I think I’ll make a runner or two from your pattern this year!

  4. I love Christmas fabrics, so that has to be my favorite season to sew for. Love your Santa block & the table runner is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I love to sew for autumn the most – when the weather is just turning chilly – love those fall colors! thanks and congrats on your block – which is so sweet!

  6. I love to sew for Christmas best, although the projects arent always Christmas fabrics. I like to give them as gifts for the holiday that can be used all year.

  7. That Santa is just too cute! Hope I win the magazine so I can make up a few for Christmas gifts!!! Thanks for designing such a cute block!

  8. Any reason I sew!! he he Christmas is a big one for me. I try to make everyone something for Christmas for me this tells that person that I am actually thinking of them and I do think highly of them! Your block is cute!! I like it keep up the good work.

  9. My favorite season to sew for it autumn. Fall colors are so warm and inviting and there are so many fun things to make for Halloween.

  10. I like sewing for each new season change … just when you get used to one it moves out and a new one moves in. I can’t imagine living where the seasons all feel the same and you don’t get the snows of winter, the flowers of spring, the heat of summer and the crunchy falling leaves of autumn. Each one inspires me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. My favorite season to sew for- fall! I didn’t realize it but I have more fall-themed or colored quilts in my collection. Must be the color palette!

  12. I love sewing for all seasons. I think I think of quilting more in the fall/winter months when it’s cool…but my seeing room is in the basement, so hiding out when it’s HOT might tempt me to think of cooler weather. I try to fight choosing colors based on the season…..that is quite a battle for me!

  13. I love sewing for Fall. Although, I never get made what I would like to get done. I just love the colors of fall and working with them while I sew. Thanks for the chance to win and sharing directions for the table runner.

  14. I love your block. I want to make table runner. It is so cute. Sewing for Christmas is a lot of fun. I love to sew and try to make something new for each of the holidays.

  15. Your santa is fabulous! I love the polka dot background. Favorite season to sew for is Summer for pretty fabric pouches and totes.

  16. What a cute block! Congratulations! I love sewing for Christmas as well. ust puts me in the spirit. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Winter has to be my best season for sewing/quilting. I can sit inside where it’s warm and watch the birds and mountains (with snow on top, hopefully). In the summer Arizona is a bit toasty for sitting there with a quilt in your lap.

  18. My favorite season for sewing is whatever the season is at the moment! Right now I love working with the fall colors, but in a few weeks I will be all into Christmas colors!

  19. Your Santa block is super-cute! Love it. I sew quilty things year round, all the time and my favourite is whatever I am working on at the moment .Thanks!

  20. Favorite season to sew for is summer. Nice sundresses, bridesmaid dresses, etc. And a great selection of fabrics is also available. Like the lighter colours better than the drab selection of winter fabrics.

  21. I love your block. My favourite season to sew for is whatever season we’re in…there are so many wonderful patterns for every season, I know I won’t ever be able to make them all, but I sure can try!

  22. I love to sew for the Autumn season! A new quilt just seems to go with the warm and cozy feeling the season inspires! However, most of my sewing seems to go into Christmas gifts – and this table runner is a PERFECT gift. Of course, will have to make one for myself too! :-)

  23. My favorite seasons are Spring and Summer so i would say those are my favorite seasons to sew for. BUT, that Santa is SO cute I may just have to try and get one made before Dec. is past when i get my copy of the magazine.

  24. It’s a toss-up! I love fall colors, so I tend to like to make decorations for the fall holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving), but I usually end up sewing a lot of Christmas gifts, so I love Santas and bells and ornaments and angels and, and, and!!!

  25. Christmas is my favorite season to sew for…it just doesn’t get any better than a handmade gift. Now, how many people are up until the wee hours on Christmas Eve finishing those gifts. I know that I am one of them :)

  26. Congrats on your block. It is very cute and does make a great runner.
    I love to sew for every season. But have to say red/wht/blue are my favorite color choices. So my quilts look best around the 4th of July.

  27. I love your Santa block made up into that table runner. I can definitely see one of those in my future!
    My favorite season to sew for is Fall. I like the fall colors and the cooler weather just gets me into the mood to quilt.
    Linda in Southern Illinois

  28. I love sewing for summer as our summers are so short in Northern Canada. I made a beach quilt that we use on the dock and a few quilts hang on the chairs in my screened in porch.
    Your St.Nick block is so cute!

  29. I sew quilts for occasions, which happen all year long. But I think late summer is my favorite time in which to quilt…I can sit at the sewing machine until late, sewing in beautiful, natural light and listening to baseball.

  30. 13 is your favorite number? Now that’s different! I like the use of the itty bitty festive trees in Nick’s hat. I’ll be looking for it this year at my LQS. I like sewing for Halloween! Thanks for the cute table runner pattern; it looks great with the twins (wink). Sandi

  31. What a GREAT Santa! Congratulations. Actually, I don’t sew for seasons. I sew for people. I get a person in mind, then create a quilt around that person. I love thinking about the person the whole time I’m quilting. It brings me closer to family and friends.

  32. My favorite is to sew for fall because I love leaf blocks and pumpkin appliques are pretty nice too. Christmas is my second favorite. Your Old St. Nick tablerunner is very cute!

  33. Fav climatic season would be winter…lots of rugging and snuggly stuff happening and opportunities to use heavier lofts and thicker quilts.

  34. I really don’t sew for one particular season but winter is the season I ge the most done. I love to sew in cooler weather but seems I need to work a season ahead–almost like retail–if I want to do bazaars or craft shows.

  35. I love to sew for the Winter Holidays. If it were up to me, the radio stations and tv specials would start in September. I love to watch the specials while hand sewing. We used to have a rule of no using the holiday DVD’s first, we had to watch it “live” on tv first and then repeat viewing could be from the DVD. Cheesy I know, but it would be like going to the movies and eating all your popcorn during the previews. Love your Santa block!! (whispering) It’s my fav for today!!

  36. My favorite season to sew for is … whenever babies are being born! My favorite quilts to make are baby quilts, and winter seems to be when my grand(nieces) are born. I like to make quilts all seasons. Congratulations on being selected and published in QM 100 blocks. Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. I love to sew for winter – I love to give quilty things for Christmas so my family and friends can have festive decorations during the holidays. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. I love sewing for Christmas!! Love all the Christmassy patterns. Your block is fabulous and I love it on the table runner. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this fabulous book. Hugs Vicki x

  39. My favorite season to sew is spring as everything is new and fresh from the long winter. Thanks for the chance to win the magazine.

  40. I love to sew for spring, I don’t have a garden friendly environment where I live so create my own with flowery projects!

  41. my favorite season to sew for is winter! love having piles of quilts covering me at night, knowing that i made each and every one of them and that they are blanketing my loved ones around the country!

  42. I like you pointed out where to go to post a comment. hehe. I love your Santa block and tablerunner. I love decorating with tablerunners!! I love the fall because it seems like one big holiday to me. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh and New Years Eve and Day. Just one celebration after the other. Christmas is fun to decorate for because I leave my decorations up for a good month at least.

    Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win.


  43. What a happy fun block. Your tablerunner is awesome as well. I’m new to quilting so just getting started. I love Christmas and decorating for it. Thanks for the giveaway.


  44. I love sewing for the fall. The colors are not always my first choices,m but that is waht makes it more challenging.

  45. Fall fabrics are my favorite, but sewing Christmas decor is probably my favorite seasonal thing. It seems easier to make Christmas items that people will like. Other seasons have wider ranges of styles, making it harder to choose something for someonelse’s tastes or home.

  46. I love everything about fall, and it’s definitely my favorite season to sew for. Love those burnt oranges, browns, greens, and deep golds. Such a cozy season! Winter would be my second favorite though, and I love your Olde St. Nick block…applique is my addiction!

  47. My favorite season to sew for is Christmas of course! I am also a tablerunner nut! So your block & pattern are right up my alley! Thanks for the chance to win Vol 4.

  48. My favorite season to sew for is definitely spring! After a cold winter, bright cheerful colors are so welcome. Love your St. Nick though. He’s a cutie!

  49. I love to sew Christmas items, whether they are stockings, wall hangings, or table toppers—Christmas is just such a happy time with bright colors. Your St. Nick block is adorable! Thanks for offering an opportunity to win 100 Blocks–I look forward to making blocks from this valuable resource!!

  50. My favorite season to sew for has to be Christmas, even though I usually run out of time but it really makes me feel the spirit of the festivities.

  51. My favorite season to sew for seems to be fall. I have the most wallhangings and tabletoppers for then. Chistmas is a close second.

  52. I get inspired to sew in the fall. Those projects seem to continue into the other seasons, but most of them start in the fall.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be inspired!

  53. What a darling Santa! My fav. season to sew for would be autumn because that’s when the pace of life seems to slow down a bit, we get back to school and therefor a more routine day and last but not least-it means the holidays are about to begin! I love sewing gifts for family and friends…just saying.

  54. It’s hard to pick one season because I sew all year long. But I do join in on a Christmas qal and enjoy that very much. I absolutely love your Olde St. Nick. He has such a charming face.

  55. I love sewing for birthdays….which makes all year round my favorite “season”! :)
    Congrats on being included in the magazine.

  56. I love your block. Christmas is my favorite time of year to sew as there are so many cute gift ideas that I want to do all of them.

  57. I love to sew all year round – but probably the fall/winter as that is when the things I sew get used more. Halloween costumes for my son are the best – quilts are a close 2nd.

  58. My favorite season to sew is winter. I spend time working on Valentine projects, St. Patrick day fun and Easter goodies. I love working towards all 3 of those holidays. Thanks for a chance to win.

  59. I sew quilts for children in need so I like to sew in bright spring and summer colors … full of fun. Your block is great and the table runner is perfect for the upcoming Holiday season! Thanks for the opportunity to win a book.

  60. I like to sew for every season. It is an excuse to buy new fabric, go shopping, and see what’s new in the the quilting world. Cute St Nick block and thanks for the directions for the table runner.

  61. Awesome block and the table runner is a fabulous idea. Thanks for that idea.

    Ummmmm is Baby season a real one? LOL I LOVE sewing for babies and given that I just had my 2nd Grandchild (a boy) 4 months ago and now find out I have another, a Granddaughter arriving in February it’s starting to feel like a season since I seem to be sewing things a lot for babies lately. lol

    Seriously though, I LOVE sewing for Winter since that involves Christmas, as well as hubby’s, my twins, and my own birhday too all in that same season. I can keep making lots of things as gifts for everyone in my family since the others get things for Christmas too.

  62. This is a great block and I love your table runner. Hope I win a copy of the magazine.
    I think I like sewing for fall because of the colors at this time of year.

  63. He is so cute!! He would make a sweet wall hanging. I love sewing during the summer. It is nice to stay in the AC room and keep my mind off the heat with a blankie. LOL!

  64. I love bright colors so sewing for spring is best for me. I also love rabbits and chicks and ducks so Easter and spring are my seasons.

  65. I sew all yr around but really love winter time, open the blinds and have all the natural light coming in off the snow- I warm and snug and if the power goes out I just grab a quilt and snuggle under it while i sew on the binding. I actually do most of my hand sewing on snow days. cw

  66. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year! I have so much christmas fabric! I also love appliques! Your Santa is darling! I am hoping I win one of these magazines so I can make the Santa Table Runner!

  67. I love to sew for birthdays, not as much pressure as for Christmas. Love your blog it is new for me so I signed up for your emails. Thanks for the inspiration.

  68. I love your St. Nick! He’s so sweet! Congrats on being in the 100 Block issue! You must be having so much fun!

  69. St. Nick is very cute! Summer is my favorite season and I love soft pastels sew I guess they go togather for my quilts.

  70. I love to sew spring quilts. I love the beautiful pastel colors and the reminder that they give me of the coming of new growth, green grass, flowers and birds. It’s a welcome site after a long winter.

  71. I had already spotted that Santa on the cover and thought hew was adorable! I love your tablerunner and thanks for the directions!! My favorite season to sew for is ANY season! I usually am sewing something that is totally out of season so I can get it finished for the correct season!!

  72. My favorite season to sew for is winter. As there are more gifts being made compared to when I sew must have clothing for my kids! And I just love winter seasonal fabric – snowflakes, snowmen, penguins, polar bears… Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  73. My favorite season to sew for is Fall! Maybe because it’s the time when we start to think about cuddling up with warm quilts and covers as the temps start to drop! I also love all the yummy pumpkin-colored fabrics that we associate with autumn!

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