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Using tape to help remove un-stitching

I have to say one of my least favorite things to do while sewing is un-stitching, you know, making a mistake then having to make it right.  It’s not that I want to appear perfect by any means.  It’s one of those waste of time things.  I learned a way to speed up the process and I want to share it with you.

First I want to show you that I use little pointed scissors that I use.

Instead of a seam ripper I use these and snip every 4 stitch or so.

You can then pull the two pieces of fabric apart and this is what you’re left with.

If the seam was of any length, you’re left with a bunch of little threads that annoying to remove, say you sewed on your entire binding and realized you used the wrong needle position (sound familiar to anyone???).

So, take out your masking tape

and press it onto those pesky little pieces of thread.

Pull tape off and viola!

The pesky little threads are on the tape and no longer on your fabric.

I keep masking tape in my sewing room anyway for basting my quilt sandwich, so it’s always handy.

I hope you don’t need this tip any time soon, but if you do this will make your sewing life a little bit easier.

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