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It’s Tomorrow! It’s Tomorrow!

Whenever I think about something happening “today”

I’m ALWAYS reminded of Stuart Little!

This movie is so cute!

Anyway, it’s not today until tomorrow,

but I want to remind you today that


is Villa Rose’s quilt show.

I will be there with my little Dresden plate quilts,



new book

& all of my

favorite notions.

It’s free to the public & it’s just 9-noon, so don’t delay & don’t forget to come see me

& the intimate quilt show that they’ve put together for you & their residents.

Bring your friends too!

Until tomorrow,

Just Keep Sewing…


2 thoughts on “It’s Tomorrow! It’s Tomorrow!”

  1. That sounds like fun! I don’t know where it is…but good luck and enjoy!
    I do want to have a pattern for that awesome block pictured on that Barn in the picture, though! Know where I can get it?

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