Mystery Quilt-Along

The 12 Days of Christmas Tiny Mystery, Day 12

Welcome to

the 12 Days of Christmas

Tiny Mystery quilt, Day 12.

Thanks for sharing those

adorable tiny blocks!

It has been lots of fun watching your progress!

Today is assembly day.

Wow, these 12 Days of Christmas have passed by quickly.

It’s time to turn your cute little blocks

into a cute little quilt.

Sew the top row together in the order shown below.

For the middle row,

sew the rail fence to the heart & the tree to the log cabin

then sew them to the Tiny Dresden block.

Sew the bottom row together as shown.


I pressed the center row toward the Tiny Dresden plate block,

then pressed the top & bottom rows accordingly

so they would nest with the middle row.

I removed most of the stitches in all of the seam allowances

to help the quilt lie flatter.

Finally sew the 3 rows together.

There aren’t many seams that need to be pinned,

but if seams met, I pinned them.

Again, I removed most of the stitches within seam allowances

& pressed to the direction of least resistance.

It’s pictured on Ackfeld’s 12″ Meandering Stand.

This will be a great way to display your finished

12 Days Of Christmas quilt

don’t you think?

They’re available on my notions page if you’d like one.

I can’t wait to get mine quilted & finished!

How about you?

Merry Christmas


Best Wishes for a great 2020!

Please post pics over at my Sewing With Susan Facebook group!

Just Keep Sewing…





1 thought on “The 12 Days of Christmas Tiny Mystery, Day 12”

  1. Bravo! Your directions are excellent and the tiny Christmas quilt is charming. Thanks for all the work you did to share this project.

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