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Circle, Circles & More Circles

Yesterday while I was running errands

I bopped into a local flea market

& found that a new one popped up 2 doors down!

While there I spied this cool lithograph tin.

In case you don’t really know me…

I’m a sucker for junk that holds other junk!!!

There must be a term for people like me… (besides crazy…).

How cool is this one?

Right away I knew that my 1″ circles would fit perfectly!

I could also put 1/2″ circles in the small end.

However, that would last 30 seconds until they would all be mixed together, so no!

They will stay in their own tin.

Then 2 doors down I spied 2 tins that would hold my new size circles; 1 1/2″.

This morning I remembered that I hadn’t tried out my new 1 1/2″

circle cutters that I ordered in last month yet.

Within 5 minutes I filled the two new tins.

Voila, 216 circle templates!

Ready to start making some doll heads,

or Tiny/Mini plates for Dresden Village

or Around The Block.

Or something new…

I love cutting ahead.

It keeps me organized &

the fact that I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to get the freezer paper out

& meticulously cut circles is heavenly!

Just count out as many circle templates that I need,

whatever size I need

& start pressing them to the fabric.

That’s how I get so much done.

I’m basically lazy, true story!

Each size template has it’s own cool tin.

If you’ve had me in for a workshop you know that I’m good at sharing too.

This is my traveling workshop tin.

I bring it full of templates for the project I’m teaching & I share!

The 1 1/2″ circle cutters are now on the “Notions” page of my website.

Hopefully it’s just in time for your next Suzn Quilts project.

If you’re interested in having me come teach for your guild

check out my “Workshop” page for pricing & offerings.

Planning to get lots of sewing done this weekend, you?

Just Keep Sewing…




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