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Candy Corn Sampler Quilt-Along Step 7, Mummy Block

Welcome to Step 7 of making your Candy Corn Sampler!

Thanks for sharing pics on our FB group, Sewing With Susan!

Step 7 is the Mummy Block.

No need for these today!

Refer to page 12, for the complete instructions.

By now you should be pretty skilled at making nice & round circles, but if not, here’s more practice!

It’s fun tearing the fabric strips for this block. I used some strips right side up and some right side down to add more variety to the block.

Do your best to stitch down the strips. I only worried about the top layers that were visible.

After stitching all the strips & finishing the appliqué don’t forget to trim the block.

After Tamara quilted this for me I removed more threads for more fraying. I wanted mummy to look real! Lol

If you’re not already a member of my Sewing With Susan Facebook group, please join & share pics.

Find the group by clicking here to join.

Just Keep Sewing…


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