A Quilt Along

Moda Signature Quilt Along- Day 5

Another day, three more blocks…

Day 5

I’m really enjoying the three blocks a day.

It doesn’t hurt that they are cute little blocks, that are mostly blocks that I’ve not made before.

In particular, I’ve never appliqued a block before that was raw edge appliqued with no fusible web.

So far I’ve made two different blocks that way.

Day 5-block 18 French GeneralThis is block #18  by French General.

The other block was block #20 by Zen Chic.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to do this Quilt Along.

I’m sewing blocks I never would have made otherwise.

Day 5-block 5 Kansas Troubles

This is block #5 by Kansas Troubles Quilters.

Cute little bowties.


Day 5-block 10 Kate Spain

Block #10 by Kate Spain.

I really like the fabrics that I chose for this one.

They make the block very eye appealing.

Well, that’s week #1 under our belts.

We’re half done.

We can take a break now.

No new blocks until Monday.

Or if you’ve not started yet, you have the whole weekend to get caught up with the fourteen blocks that I’ve already made!

Until next time,


A Quilt Along, My Life

Moda Signature Quilt Along-Day 3

What fun!

Day 3

Day 3’s blocks were easy, and would have been quick, if only I had paid more attention..

Day 3-block 25 Thimble Blossoms

Block 25 by Thimble Blossoms.

If you can tell, the brown fabric is directional and I wanted all of the squares  going the same direction in my block.

If I’d paid closer attention to the placement of the brown squares in relation to the pink/cream half square triangles, I would have saved myself time AND frustration…

The rest of the exercise was great!

 Day 3-block 14 Julie Comstock

Block 14 by Julie Comstock.

I had fun reading Julie & Eric’s post yesterday.

Julie thought her day to post was tomorrow (today), but realized all too quickly in the getting-ready-for-school with their four children that her day was actually N-O-W.

Apparently her block wasn’t even sewn.

Too funny!

I can see that happening to me…

Her block was made lickety-split and by the second time I went to their blog it ready.

Day 3-block 11 Deb Strain

Block 11 by Deb Strain.

I’m having some fun!

Have I enticed you to join me yet???

It’s snowing fiercely here.

This is a view out of my sewing room.

snow day

The flakes are huge!

In about 20 minutes we already have an inch.

We’re supposed to get 3-5 then top it off with some ice, yeah…

A good day to sew don’t you think?

Until next time,


A Quilt Along

Moda Signature Quilt Along

Have your heard about Moda’s Signature Quilt along?

I hadn’t until I decided to bop on over to Moda Lissa’s blog yesterday for no apparent reason.

I decided it must be Kismet…

and so I printed out the 3 block instructions for the day…

decided on a fat 1/4 bundle that I’d bought at Paducah ??? years ago…pink brown pack

that actually was a 1/2 yard bundle, but it was so long ago I had forgotten…

pink brown fan

Today I started sewing…

block 6

Blackbird Designs block #6.

block 7

Barbara Brackman Block #7.

block 22

Basic Grey Block #22.

There are 3, 9″ blocks each day for 10 days; this week and next, no weekends.

So, 30 blocks in all.  That’s a 5 x 6 setting. 45″ x 54″ without sashing or borders.

Not sure how long I’ll last, but I couldn’t resist!

How about you???

Until next time,