A Quilt Along, My Life

Moda Signature Quilt Along-Day 3

What fun!

Day 3

Day 3’s blocks were easy, and would have been quick, if only I had paid more attention..

Day 3-block 25 Thimble Blossoms

Block 25 by Thimble Blossoms.

If you can tell, the brown fabric is directional and I wanted all of the squares  going the same direction in my block.

If I’d paid closer attention to the placement of the brown squares in relation to the pink/cream half square triangles, I would have saved myself time AND frustration…

The rest of the exercise was great!

 Day 3-block 14 Julie Comstock

Block 14 by Julie Comstock.

I had fun reading Julie & Eric’s post yesterday.

Julie thought her day to post was tomorrow (today), but realized all too quickly in the getting-ready-for-school with their four children that her day was actually N-O-W.

Apparently her block wasn’t even sewn.

Too funny!

I can see that happening to me…

Her block was made lickety-split and by the second time I went to their blog it ready.

Day 3-block 11 Deb Strain

Block 11 by Deb Strain.

I’m having some fun!

Have I enticed you to join me yet???

It’s snowing fiercely here.

This is a view out of my sewing room.

snow day

The flakes are huge!

In about 20 minutes we already have an inch.

We’re supposed to get 3-5 then top it off with some ice, yeah…

A good day to sew don’t you think?

Until next time,


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